Sand Volleyball at the Olympics

Sand Volleyball at the Olympics

I was watching sand volleyball in the Olympics. The women were wearing tight bikinis. That might by normal on a French beach, but I know much of the world is more modest than that (A couple of years ago, I heard Rush Limbaugh refer to ESPN women's volleyball as porn). I asked my wife, "why?" She speculated that it has something to do with sand sticking to them.

Then the next day I saw the men play. They might be considered over-dressed at your local mega-church.

Go figure.


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I live in Florida. Believe me, it's not more modest here in any way shape of form. Go to the beach, that's how women dress. Go for a run in the park, and they dress slightly more modest, but not a lot. Take a walk around Disney in the summer, and you really see the same thing. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but the US isn't any more modest.
Not in NC, either. Constant battle. DD lived in Moscow, RU for a couple years and her DS was a maturing high schooler. She trembled to think what summer would bring. They are not concerned about how modest they dress in warm weather.