Sarah's dead, yet Sarah lives! but how? GEN 23:1-25:18

Mar 5, 2017
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PARASHAH: “Chayei Sarah” (Sarah lives)

GENESIS 23:1-25:18..................1 KINGS 1:1-31...................MATT 8:1-9:38

The title of the Parashah is “Sarah lives” or “Sarah lived”. Yet Sarah is dead, so, how does she live? She lives on in the memory of Abraham, her legacy lives on, her influence lives on, and this is what the patriarch wants for Isaac.

I remember some of the words of Marine Gunnery sergeant Hartman to his trainees in the movie “Full Metal Jacket” “Most of you will go to Viet Nam, some of you will not return alive, but even dead, you will still live, you will live on in the spirit of the corps.”

So even dead, Sarah continued to live on as a godly wife and mother, no doubt that Abraham wanted to bless Isaac with a similar wife. Torah says that Sarah lived 127 years. It is not often that the Torah records the age of women, but Sarah is the exception. We can see some symbolism in that number. I guess there are several ways we can look at it, one way is to see the Hebrew letters associated with numbers, 100 is Qoph (Q) 20 is Kaph (K) and 7 is Zayin (Z) Seven is the number of YHVH, the perfect number. According to some rabbis, “120” years are a “full life”. So, Sarah lived a “full life” plus 7 more.

Another way we can look at this is, from the Hebrew text; “One-hundred years, and seven years, and twenty years. Why is this worded this way? The rabbis say that when Sarah was one-hundred years old, she was as beautiful as when she was twenty, and when she was twenty, she was as innocent and holy as when she was seven.

Moshe lived a “full life” and maybe would have lived longer had he not “struck the rock” Sarah lived a “Kadosh” life (Holy life, separated to serve God, her husband Abraham and raise her son Isaac. One could say she was “anointed to serve” (Kaph) is a letter the symbolizes “anointing”. Zayin (z) is the letter that symbolizes “weapon” anointing and holiness are a “weapon” one can use against “HaSatan” our spiritual enemy can be defeated by the fruit of the Spirit, through the Ruach Ha Kodesh.

127 can also symbolize “echad” (unit of oneness) (1), “covenant blessing” (2) “godliness” (7) Sarah received the blessing of being a godly woman, who joined in the “covenant blessing” of Abraham with YHVH, and together became “Echad Am” (One people) the Hebrew people who later became the Nation of Israel. When we add 1+2+7 we get 10, which is the number of “Torah” (some say “law” personally, I don't like using that word, it is misunderstood) but “Torah” means “instruction” Sarah honored Abraham, and YHVH by submitting to their instruction, she was submissive, in the right way. Yet Sarah had her times of happiness and sorrow as All marriages go through.

Abraham and Sarah loved each other, and in death, Abraham showed his love towards Sarah by purchasing an overpriced piece of real estate. 400 silver shekels was a lot for a cave on a piece of property in Hebron, but He didn't mind paying for it, (guess it is like buying a hamburger for $25) It had to be “written down, and documented” legally, not just “words”, we see that today, words are nothing, but if it is signed, sealed, written down, you can take it to court!

So Abraham honored his wife both in life and in death. One of the biggest and drastic changes in one’s life is the “death” of a spouse. We see the words in the Torah which recount the time of Sarah’s death. “and Abraham came to mourn for Sarah and to weep for her. And Abraham stood up from before his dead, and spoke unto the sons of Heth saying…”

There is a time for mourning and weeping, and a time for joy, a time for continuing with life, as life does go on, with or without a spouse. Abraham had the right to mourn and weep, since Sarah was part of his life for many, many years. We do not know when they got married, but when Abraham was called by Adonai, he was 75 years old, and he was married at that time. We could say that for about 50 years, Abraham had Sarah by his side. The Adonai called her home.

There will be a time when Adonai calls home our spouses, how will we respond when that happens? Will we cry out to God; Why? But are our spouses our own? Or do we all belong to Elohim? What are we but souls inhabiting finite bodies which will eventually cease to function and return to the earth.

A baby enters the world with clenched fists, yet leaves the world with open hands. We all want to hold on to everything, even spouses, yet we have to let go and let God have his way. A spouse, a wife or husband, is like a library book. We will take the library book and read it cover to cover, do we understand what we read? We have “x” amount of years to do it. But the master Librarian will call for his book to be returned someday, and we will have to deal with that.

A spouse is like a jewel to be worn and cared for, for “x” number of years, but the Jeweler will call for his gem someday, and we will have to take “her” or “him” off and return “her” or “him” to Jeweler of all creation. I think that the more we love our spouse, the more difficult it will be for us to let go someday when our spouse is at death’s door. It wasn’t easy for Abraham, and it will not be easy for us.

I think that the time for caring, for loving, for giving flowers is now that our spouses are alive, not at the grave site. One wonders what the surviving spouse will say? “May he (or she) rest in peace!” …or…” Now that he (or she) is gone, I can rest in peace!!” Abraham wept and mourned, but then, he got up and “buried his dead out of his sight” He continued with life, searched out a wife for his son Isaac, and eventually Abraham got remarried, to Keturah who bore him six children (Chap 25).

There is life after the departing of a loved one. The most difficult part of losing a loved one, especially a spouse, is if the spouse is an unbeliever, lost, without salvation. THEN we shall never see that spouse again, EVER! All the more reason to be “equally yoked” To lose a spouse in death is to be separated for “a season” but be reunited with her (or him) later on in heaven. That is the way we have to look at it, because it is the truth.

Some people, like Abraham, will marry again, others will not. That is a decision every widow or widower will have to make. Me? I wouldn’t like living alone without someone by my side, but that’s me. Love is having to “let go” when our Master calls for “going home” it WILL come.

The true meaning of the word “love” is NOT feelings. What is “Love at first sight?” (Hey, I like your moves, I like your legs, your hair, your eyes, your build, etc.). yet feelings, emotions can lead two people to enter into a covenant of “love”, “love” is the action of “giving” the Hebrew word is “Ahavah” it has the verb “hav” which is “to give” and the word “av” is in there, being “Our Heavenly father gives” He proved his love toward us that He GAVE His Only Son, Yeshua, as a sacrifice for our sin. When a couple chose to marry, share life together, provide one for another, in health and in sickness, and not “cop out” on each other, THAT is TRUE LOVE. The words, “I feel I don't love you anymore” are silly, worthless words. Imagine if Sarah had told that to Abram. Or if Abram would have said that to Sarah, “I don't love you anymore, because you can't give me children” and the two separated, where would the Nation of Israel be today? It would be nonexistent. Yet they kept by each other’s side in good times and in the bad times, the times of drought, the “Egypt” times, the “Ishmael” times, and the long waited “Isaac” times.

Abraham sent his servant Elazar to look for a wife for Isaac. (I wish that custom was still here with us, parents getting their children husbands and wives, those were the 'good ol days') (my opinion). He carried 10 camels with gifts, the “bride price” for the “bride to be”. He had to go to Mesopotamia, to Abraham's family, He did NOT want a Canaanite woman for the bride of Isaac, a pagan Canaanite woman would have been an “unequal yoke” that is wisdom for us today, a “born again believer” should only marry another “born again believer” where the two worship and serve the “same God YHVH/Yeshua”

Elazar observed “Rebecca's actions” Rivka watered the thirsty camels, sought not her own comfort, but had a servant's heart. This is what Elazar was looking for, Abraham would be happy, and so would Isaac. The “engagement jewelry” was a nose ring and gold bracelets” today in our society we give an engagement ring.

Abraham wanted a wife like Sarah for his son Isaac. We might think, what kind of wife (or husband) would one believer look for? Well, there are certain qualities to look for in looking for one’s “life mate”.

If a man is looking for a woman to be his wife. I would think that he might want a woman whose first love is for God, for Yeshua, and to obey and follow the Torah. That the woman also be humble, who will run the home with wisdom, and with money in her hands, will be spent wisely. She should be a woman who will raise her children according to the Word of God, and to not waste time with “fairy tale reading” but with “Torah Tale reading” if she is to read “Bed-time stories. I have not mentioned the “physical” characteristics, since “how beautiful or not” is not of prime importance, but yes, is a bit important since men are usually in search of “what attracts the eye”

Just as “Riv’kah” was willing to follow Elazar to Isaac’s home, so should the wife be willing to follow her husband. Where he is, she should be as well. UNLESS, there is some sort of danger or unwise decision making on the husband’s part, then, the wife needs to help the husband “re-think” the decision.

There is a story about Adam and Eve. Adam was sad because there was no mate for him among all the animals, so Adonai said to Adam; “I will give you a mate, one who will never say no, one who will care for you and for your house, never argue with you nor ever say unkind words to you, one who will raise all your children, one who will cook for you and be your perfect servant and your lover any time you want.”

Adam was happy, and he said; “and what will all that cost me?” God said to Adam; “It will cost you an arm and a leg!” So, Adam thought for a moment, then asked; “What can I get for just a rib?” (well, you know the rest of the story, but it works both ways)

Now “Rivka” had to be “willing to go with Elazar to be Isaac's wife”. We can see this is our relationship with Yeshua. Yeshua/Jesus is the “bridegroom” and we, the “Kehillah” (Congregation of “called out ones”) are the bride. We have to be a “willing bride” to go with our “heavenly bridegroom”.

Just as Elazar brought gifts to the bride-to-be, Yeshua has given “gifts” to us as HIS Bride; Salvation (Yeshuah) an eternal home/mansion in Heaven, spiritual gifts to do service and minister with. Healthy bodies (for the most part) in which to inhabit, spouses and children, jobs to earn a living, if we think about the list could go on, as to the “Blessings” we have through Yeshua.

1 KINGS 1:1-31

This tells the sad story of a father who failed to discipline his sons, and old king David reaped the whirlwind, Adonijah (which means YHVH is my master) if it were so, He would have been in subjection to his father David, had the nerve to proclaim himself king, even before David dies. Yet David corrects the situation and names Solomon as the future king. This part of the Parashah teaches us to be under authority, willingly, the bridegroom has his bride under His authority and subjection, BUT NOT in a tyrannical way, not like a “dictatorship” but under a “love “relationship. A wife can be under subjection to the husband, and feel used, like an object, or feel loved and protected, all depends on the husband, if He is under the subjection to the LORD, he will treat his wife with love and respect.

MATT 8:1-9:18

We see here that Yeshua shows love through action, in healing the leper, it is an act of “giving” He gave back health to an unclean man, yet Yeshua also respected and honored the Torah, in telling the man to go to the priest and offer the proper sacrifice for his healing, Yeshua, who is our Messiah, Savior and LORD had ALL RESPECT for the Torah and its commandments.

Another thing we must note is that there are two types of “Tza-arat” (Leprosy) physical and spiritual. One thing is being healed physically, on the outside, another is being healed on the inside. We can be healthy outside, but corrupt on the inside, or, unhealthy physically, yet Holiness resides inwardly. We need that balance, of being “tahor” (clean) both inwardly and outwardly.

We must also remember though, the situation with Lot from last Parashah, how is was, and is considered as “Righteous Lot” yet was affected by living in Sodom, he had to be almost, “dragged out” by the two angels. His inner being was being affected by living around the wicked. His wife was “sold out” to Sodom and became “well salted” in the end, his daughters committed indecency with him and led to the origins of Moab and Ammon.

Take care least we be “Tza-arat” inwardly.
Mar 5, 2017
Houston, TX
Yes, Abraham married Keturah when Sarah died, I don't know how old he was, but he was over 100 that is for sure. She had children with Abraham, so we see that it wasn't that Abraham could reproduce, the problem was with Sarah, with an unfertile womb.

Go to Hebron? maybe some day, that would be nice, Hey, I would like to use you in my section "acknowledgements" when I finish my ebook, I know you have read some of my short stories, so, please send me back a few paragraphs as to what you think of them and why you would recommend them to other readers.

It would be nice if you could use your real name. and your profession and city where you live. Tell me if you will do that for me.

Ben Avraham
Yes, Abraham married Keturah when Sarah died, I don't know how old he was, but he was over 100 that is for sure. She had children with Abraham, so we see that it wasn't that Abraham could reproduce, the problem was with Sarah, with an unfertile womb.

Go to Hebron? maybe some day, that would be nice, Hey, I would like to use you in my section "acknowledgements" when I finish my ebook, I know you have read some of my short stories, so, please send me back a few paragraphs as to what you think of them and why you would recommend them to other readers.

It would be nice if you could use your real name. and your profession and city where you live. Tell me if you will do that for me.

Ben Avraham
Sure you can send me a PM about that. :)


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Aug 23, 2016
Ben Avraham has written a thread here which is, as usual for him, very interesting in its detail and purpose. I would not oppose or argue with any of his ideas, but I would iust like to comment on the way it has made me think of my own circumstances.
Today would be my father's 124th birthday if he had lived, and comparing his life with that of Sarah has been a worthwhile exercise for me. (I had an aunt Sarah, too, but she died before my father).
The way that Ben has compared the love of a spouse and the agape of our Father reminded me of the way in which that comparison so frequently came up in my 66 years of marriage, and is the main reason for this offering now.
When I left my family home, being a volunteer during the second World War, on the first day I was introduced to a girl who worked next to me in a similar job, and when I asked her where the nearest chapel was, she said that she was a member there and we would go together. Being too young to think of marriage, we "walked out" together for five years until we could afford a home, and then we had a wonderful marriage and togetherness for 66 years. That ended when my "angel" died four years ago, leaving me living alone, but content.
We had seen God's purposes in our lives, and understood when His plan for each of us would separate us, calling her home. I was able to lead her Thanksgiving Service without regret and undue mourning, and I have settled into a sedentary life alone and indoors.
We are often told that we need not be lonely in such circumstances, because even if we have few visitors, we definitely have a Friend in God, who can converse and supply all the companionship we need. For some years I have felt that way and I have no complaints, but to be truthful I must admit that there are some differences.
Someone in the same kitchen can say "Sorry" when the dinner is spoilt. They can ask for reminders of names and details of half-forgotten friends, and a good-night kiss is something we don't expect from our God. His presence and overwhelming care is more than we can expect from a spouse, and is certainly supplied when asked for. We need not be very lonely if we stay close to Him.
And just in the same way that Sarah lives, my wife lives in the characters of our four adult children, one of whom will have been waiting to meet his mother in glory.
Good smiler I dont think many people can afford a home these days which is why fewer people gets married! Abraham would have been a 'good catch' from Sarah's perspective as God had basically promised Abraham an entire land for him and his descendants! Most women if they looking for a husband want to know something like...will he be able to provide a nest for me and any children we have? Can he keep me from harm? And most important, does he have God on his side? Or actually is he on Gods side? You dont want to partner with someone thats on the losing team! I.e satans!
On looks, most men put a premium on good looks, but a woman wants to know, if a man is serious, will he still love me when I'm old and grey? That is why, empty compliments and flattery are things to beware of because there are many men just go for the younger models every few years! And one cant stay slim when ones is pregnant! Will he love me even though I look like a beached whale. Lol

Jesus can afford a home he prepares a place for us, his bride in heaven. What man these days can compete with that? I see men working like a slave just to keep a roof over their head, or going to great lengths to do so, and they dont make good fathers because they working all the time, or they dont earn enough, or they earn so much they squander it. The interesting thing is, ben avaraham points out that a wife must be willing to follow her husband anywhere. But what if a woman is happy where she is. Then there is actually no need to be married. A sister can have many brothers and enjoy fulfilling friendships and wont ever be lonely. There is always children everywhere to look after! You only have to go to school and daycare to see neglected children that are put away because their parents just arent there to teach them! Its really only the males Ive noticed who need helpers more than the females! Because they are lonely. Women are quite happy being at home either with their family or with other sisters.

Something God showed me, as, kept asking him about it.

Every man proclaims his own goodness, but a faithful man, who can find?

On widowhood, Ive encountered a lot of widows in my work and in church. I've not really known many couples who died together, like at the same time. One may fall ill and their spouse must look after them. Many people seem mad about suffering, but really, we must welcome it as an opportunity to test the strength of our love. These days people talk about poison (euthanasia) because they say they dont want to see suffering, or experience suffering. Well what if Jesus chose to poison himself instead of going to the cross? And yes, he was offered that option. Would God have accepted a poisoned sacrifice?

I see the most loving married couples when one falls ill or gets frail the other who is stronger doesnt ditch them, they care for them. That's love. May we all find it.
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The interesting thing about Sarah. Abraham stayed with Sarah even when she couldnt have children. He was faithful. For over a hundred years! And she stayed beautiful in her old age. Was it because she was beautiful that he stayed faithful or was it because he was faithful she stayed beautiful?

Then we come to sarahs own suggestion that abraham have children with a younger model. Abraham wasnt like Henry the eightth. With his eight wives. He wasnt going to ditch or behead Sarah. We only see sarahs ugliness as it were when she starts being jealous of Hagar and treats her badly. Which is not entirely Hagars fault. Anyway something to think about.

In womens bible study I dont know how many times we look at the story of abraham and Sarah. Most bible studies are about answering Gods call. From abrahams perspective. But what about Sarah? She wasnt personally called by God. She just went wherever Abraham went, for she was his wife. She could have decided, Abraham, Im not going with you I want to stay in Ur. Well she could have thought that way if she was like a 21st century feminist. What does this mean for us women..well if we are married, to be certain that God is calling your husband, cos if not, you not really going anywhere. You could even be going places, but not where God wants you or your husband to be. Which again comes back to being unequally yoked. Well surely Sarah knew because of the angels visit. The same with mary and Joseph. You think they might talk to each other but it seems divine intervention is in order to prevent their divorce!