Saturday 3/1/14 Pastor Evan Go Be Free Now!

Saturday 3/1/14 Pastor Evan Go Be Free Now! Matt 4:18-20, John 8:1-12, Deut. 17:6

Freedom begins with an instruction. Judges or parents give instructions. Jesus gave us the instructions. He said follow me and I will make you fishers of men to the disciples. Many want to be free tonight from issues or things or people. We all want to be free from something. It might be little or might be big. We all want to be free. Jesus gives us the invitation to be free. Follow me! Two words. The invitation has never changed and does not come with any conditions or pre-requisites. Jesus didn’t ask how many cuss words we said today or if we told our parents we love them. It wasn’t based on any conditions of do we believe in certain things before we can follow Him.
Jesus just walked along the beach, saw some guys and said come follow me and I will do big stuff in your lives. We just have to follow Jesus! The disciples didn’t believe who Jesus was for quite some time while they were following Him. We will never believe until we actually follow Jesus. The disciples were rough around the edges and were following Jesus to see what would happen. They saw Him turn the water into wine. They saw Jesus was cool and they decided to keep on following Jesus. Then they saw Jesus feed 5,000 people with a few loaves and fishes. They saw hanging around Jesus was really cool and they kept following Jesus. When the storm hit their boat and Jesus rebuked the wind and waves, they were amazed. They saw enough to continue to follow Jesus.

In John 8:1-11, a woman caught in adultery was brought to Jesus. Jesus did not condemn the woman caught in adultery even though she was guilty and caught in the act. She was guilty but Jesus had mercy, compassion and grace. He met the law with mercy and grace. In Deut. 17:6, a person shall be put to death with 2 or 3 witnesses against them. This is the law. The woman was brought to court and Jesus asked if any of her accusers had ever sinned. Then one by one they left and there were not two witnesses to declare the death penalty against the woman. They all left and it was a mistrial! The one who is guilty in a mistrial now becomes FREE!! The accusers who walked away were guilty like you and I. The only one left was Jesus and He didn’t want to stone her or condemn her to death.

In verse 12, Jesus is the Light of the World. He that follows Jesus shall not walk in darkness but have the Light of Life! Follow Jesus!! Believe Jesus! He is the Son of God! Follow Jesus! Jesus will make us more than we could ever be. Your trials that you face do not determine if you can follow Jesus. The meltdowns of our life make it easier and make us more want to follow Jesus. We should have no confidence in our flesh. Follow Jesus. This is the first step to Freedom and the Light of Life. The invitation is to get to know Jesus, to follow Him and to believe Him!