Saturday 3/15/14 Pastor Lee Sermon Go Be Free Now Part 3

Saturday 3/15/14 Pastor Lee sermon Go Be Free Now part 3 Exodus 14:13-31

Have you ever overestimated your strength or ability to do something? Ever been confronted by our own limitations or been where there are no options and we are at a dead end? There are seasons that we feel like there is no hope and we don’t know how to fix tings. We find our own independency has led us to a dead end with no options. Moses has no options when faced with the Red Sea in front of him. There was no escape or option. The Lord fought for the Children of Israel and made a way of escape by parting the Red Sea. God’s purpose for Moses to be at the Red Sea was to teach him that:
1) God is with his people
2) God is for his people

The dead ends in our life are not impossible for God to fix. There is no circumstance in our life that God will not and cannot handle. People make promises that they don’t keep but God always keeps his promises no matter what. The same people that tell us they have our back will be the ones to let you down and disappear when most needed. Don’t put your confidence in man! They can only do or go so far. Jesus and God are the only ones we can put our trust and confidence in. The Lord is always with us!

Moses was at a dead end and God made a highway in the sea! They wouldn’t have known how great God is unless they were at a dead end. God takes us to a dead end place to teach us to be dependent on him! God has got you right where he wants you because you have to depend on him and not on flesh. God wants to eliminate your dependence on man. God wants us to know He is our source for all things. The dead end kills your pride, your dependence on man and your feeling of self-sufficiency. The dead end makes you realize that we need God alone! The breath that we breathe is a gift from God. God’s goodness and faithfulness has us here tonight. Realize that without God, we can’t handle anything! Turn our eyes and set our gaze on the Lord! God allows stuff to happen to us because He wants to teach us something. Remember God knows where we are and He can meet us at the dead end situation. God specializes in dead end situations and He is there to help us!

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