Saturday 5/17/14 Pastor Evan Sermon Menu: Why Jesus Is Better!

Saturday 5/17/14 Pastor Evan sermon Menu: Why Jesus is Better! John 5:16-18, John 10:31-38, John 8:54, 58-59

When we go to a new restaurant, we look at the menu to get the best. At this time, Christianity is placed on a bookshelf with a lot of other religions. We all want the best item on the menu, which is Jesus! We must be convinced that Jesus is the best one to follow. Jesus is remarkably different and He is better. There is nothing better! No one can do or be like Jesus! We all want the best for our lives and Jesus is the best! Jesus is better than the best!

John 5:16-18 Jesus had just healed a man the Jews got mad at him because Jesus had said God was his father. John 10:31-38 The Jews wanted to kill Jesus after He had been healing many people and preaching about God. Jesus told the Jews to look at and believe the works that He did because God was with Him and in Him. Jesus is the Son of God and God in the flesh!

John 8:54 God is the one that honors Jesus and Jesus keeps God’s word! John 8:58-5 Jesus tell the Jews that before Abraham was, He was there as “I Am”. The Jews tried to kill Jesus again. Jesus was and is who He says He is. We should believe Jesus because of six things.
  1. Jesus claimed to be God.
  2. Jesus was sinless and perfect.
  3. There is no comparison to how Jesus came into this world. He was born of a virgin.
  4. The many miracles Jesus performed: raising the dead, healing folk, turning water into wine, calming a storm, walking on water.
  5. There is no comparison to how Jesus left this world. Jesus allowed himself to be crucified for our souls on the cross.
  6. Jesus has the power to forgive sins. Mark 2:3-5,9-11
Only in Christianity does God come to us. He came as the man Jesus Christ. Only Jesus is the one who left Heaven. Only Jesus is born a baby in a manager. Only Jesus grew up and healed thousands of people. Only Jesus died for our sins to save us from the wrath of His Father. Only Jesus did all these things which are enough reason to give our life to Him and follow him.

Don’t let the world distract you from following the Better one! Jesus Christ, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Jesus is the best choice to choose on the menu of life. God says when we seek Him, we will find Him. God will give us the power to clearly see Jesus for who He is! Jesus is clearly one of a kind! His plan for our salvation and life is better for us. When you believe in Jesus, life will be easier. The bible says we can do all things thru Christ who strengthens us!

God gave Adam and Eve a "menu" to eat from, he even told them to stay away from a certain entry listed. Of course they choose poorly. Their "desire" (which is also translated appetite) changed from what was good for them to eating the things that had the nutritional ingredients known to cause death. I'll take a number one, super sized, with a diet Coke. :)