Saturday 5/24/14 Pastor Jason Sermon Menu: Why Jesus Is Better Part 2

Saturday 5/24/14 Pastor Jason sermon MENU: Why Jesus is Better part 2 Matt 4:19, Matt 9:9, Matt 16:24, John 1:43, John 21:22, John 14:7, Heb. 11:8

The plan of Jesus. There is the right choice and the wrong choice. Good or Bad.
The enemy, the devil, fluffs up the things on the bad side of the menu to look good. But…they are counterfeit and costly. There are many different level of wickedness. With Jesus there is no variety. Choose the right way and that’s it. We need to hear inspiring things and apply them to ourselves and not just to someone else. We must be convicted and apply the message of Jesus to our life. We need to be ready for Jesus to show up in our kitchen one morning. If Jesus says he misses spending time with us then we need to pray more, read the word more and be less busy. Stop worrying about stuff and trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not to our own understanding.

We need to make God and Jesus as important to us and we are to them. We need to spend more time with the Lord! Period! The plan, the gospel of Jesus Christ is simple. Matt. 4:19 Jesus said to come follow me. Matt 9:9 Jesus said to come follow me. Matt 16:24 Jesus said to come follow me. John 1:43 Jesus said to come follow me. John 21:22 Jesus said to come follow me. The Plan is Following Jesus! To discover what the Menu is all about, we have to follow Jesus. Don’t worry about what others are doing, just get up off your butt and follow Jesus! It does not cost us anything to follow Jesus. It is eternal and free. We just need to have patience and faith! When we cannot see where Jesus is taking us, we just need patience and faith! We will know in full when He tells us. We must be followers in faith. Heb. 11:8 Abraham had faith. He obeyed God by following Him when he didn’t know anything about where he was being led. God says follow Him and He will take care of us. John 14:6 Jesus is the way to God so just follow Him. Faith is the belief that God will do what is right!

Following in faith is easier if we spend less time with things that do not matter. Stop doing these things and we will have more time to read our Bible, pray and spend time with family. We also need to spend more time with God’s friends, fellow Christians. We should find more of God’s friends to hang with and be inspired with. Finally if we do all this, we will be inspired to do hard things. Faith without works isn’t much. We will have faith to do hard things for God! Hard things for God will be honored by Him. God will stop and take notice when we fill our time with things of Him. We need to keep following Jesus closely and don’t lag behind. Jesus shouldn’t have to turn around and say to us, “Hey, yall coming or what?” We need to catch up with Him and follow so we can reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.