Saturday 5/24/14 Pastor Ken Memorial Day Weekend Sermon

Saturday 5/24/14 Pastor Ken Memorial Day weekend sermon I Samuel 17:1-50

David and Goliath are one of the most known stories in the Bible. All of us go thru fighting giants in our lives. In this scenario there is a valley between two mountains and the Israelites are on one mountain while the Philistines are on the other. In the valley was Goliath the giant. Goliath was challenging because he was 9 ½ feet tall. The armor that he wore was 147 lbs in weight. His spear’s weight was 18 lbs. Goliath called for the Israelites to send someone to fight him. In our lives we see giants and don’t know how to deal with them. But…God has a plan!

In verse 13 God’s plan was to send one of Jesse’s son, David, to go to the battle. David was taking bread for his older brothers and cheese for their commander. While David is at the camp, the giant Goliath came out talking junk in the valley. The giants in our lives come when we don’t expect them. We are someplace doing something and here comes the giant unexpectedly. We all need to know that if we ask God for something, when He does it, we need to be prepared for stuff to happen that is connected to it. After David heard what the giant said, he said the giant should not be allowed to talk against God and the Israelites. The word got back to King Saul of what David said and David got called out to fight the giant Goliath.

King Saul offered his armor to Davit but it wasn’t right for him. It didn’t fit, too heavy, not tested by him. David had to take care of the giant using his own tools. He had to fight the giant his way with God with him. We should not try to fight our giants using someone else’s armor or doing it someone else’s way. Fight our giant our way using our talent and skills from God. We should be confident in the track record of God in what He has done for us before. He beat the giant before and He will do it again. Amen! David goes to the valley facing the giant and he picks up five stones to shoot at Goliath in his sling shot. David took 5 stones because he knew Goliath had 4 brothers. David had the extra stones to take care of them too if need be. In the valley, David tells Goliath that he is going to kill him with the power of his God. He slings his stone at Goliath, hits him in the head and knocks him down. David take his heavy sword and beheads the giant.
We need to know the power of God and the Victory we have in him!