Saturday 6/28/14 Pastor Ken Sermon: Grace

Saturday 6/28/14 Pastor Ken sermon: GRACE Ephesian 2:8-9

We as Christians have a Chistianeez language that people in our group understand. Every group is like this with their own languages and terms that they use. Do you call it pancakes, flapjacks or hotcakes? It depends on what group you are in. Today we look at the term Grace. It is the gift of God so no man can boast. Faith is not the gift of God but it is Grace that is given. Grace is the opposite of works. Grace is given to us as a gift from God. God’s gift is freely given. Grace brings about salvation.

When do you need Grace? All the time! When we have chores to do, we need grace. When a family member irritates us, we need grace. We need grace because we are human beings and need air to breathe in and breathe out. We need Grace all the time. Types of Grace:
  1. Common Grace:
This is the grace that God gives to just and unjust people. God gives grace to all people-the rain He gives, the flowers etc.
  1. Pre-Venient Grace:
This is the grace that comes before we accept Jesus. We can accept the Gospel or not. God gives to us the grace to choose our self-Free will.
  1. Effectual Grace:
This is grace that comes when we have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  1. Admissible Grace:
The Christian life can be hard so we have grace to live and forgiveness. We live Christianity thru Grace.
We ALL need grace because we are sinners that were saved by Grace. We are dead in our trespasses and sins. We are alive by the Grace of God and we can live.

How much Grace does God give? II Corinthians 12:7-10 Paul had a thorn in his fleshed and prayed to God to remove it. He prayed to God three times and God said His Grace was sufficient for him. God always gives sufficient grace. He always gives enough Grace for us. It never runs out! God gives enough Grace and it is unlimited toward us! Grace is not of works! No matter how many works we do in the church, it will never be enough to save us! We are ONLY saved by Grace. Grace is what saved us and keeps on saving us.

There is a gap between the Holiness of God and us. How do we deal with the gap? Grace – the Cross of Jesus Christ! By grace are we saved. Grace is the gift of God. Do not rely on your works because it is only by Grace that we are saved. It is only by grace that we are allowed to live. God constantly pours out His Grace on us and for us!