Saturday 8/9/14 Daytona Sdb Pastor Wray Sermon Be A Life Maker

Saturday 8/9/14 Daytona SDB Pastor Wray sermon Be a Life Maker Galatians 6:9-10

How we can be life makers. It only takes a moment to make someone’s day. There is a story told by a hairdresser that a regular client came earlier than her usual monthly apt. As he did her hair, he asked and she said there was nothing special that she was doing that night. The next 30 minutes, they laughed and joked as he did her hair. The client left him smiling and thanking him. Some days later, he received a letter from her telling him that she had decided to commit suicide that night and had wanted her hair to look good for her funeral. The wonderful time she had while getting her hair done, had given her hope. Instead of suicide, she committed herself to a hospital to get professional help. The hairdresser was glad he had been in a good mood and not upset or in a hurry when she had come to see him. He decided to treat each person he met with respect and care. It would make their day better and it might save a life.

We should realize the difference we can make for others. Just a smile or holding the door open for them could be important in their life. Why have random acts of kindness when we can have intentional acts of good will? We should be inspired to be kind to each other and do things that will make someone’s day. Something as small as a smile or kind word will get someone to say that we made their day. The scripture tells us that even if the world and society stop treating people with respect and kindness, we should keep on doing it. We are to not lose heart in doing good. We may have thought why should we be nice when they are not nice to us. Look at verse 9 where it says don’t stop doing good to others because we will reap what we sow. Don’t get weary in well doing because we reap what we sow therefore sow kindness and goodness. Gal 6:7 What we get and what comes back to us, depends on what we sowed day by day. Sowing from the flesh, not being good and kind to others means that later we will reap the same thing back to us. If we sow meanness and ill will, we will reap the same. You cannot plant a crop of meanness and expect God to give you a reaping of blessings. If you sow goodness and kindness to the people around you, you will reap God’s blessings. People will remember how nice you were to them and will be nice to you. In the process, you will have been a day maker to many people by being kind and having good will toward them.

Jesus was more than a day maker. He was and is a Life Maker for billions of people. In John 4:7-19, Jesus made a life maker change for the Samaritan woman at the well. She realized that Jesus was a life maker. She told others of Jesus and who He was. She repented of her sins and got saved. Jesus made her day, made her a new life change. Then she went and did what we are supposed to do. She went and told others about Jesus. She said to go and see Jesus. She wanted to be a life changer for others by sending them to Jesus. Jesus was and is a life maker and a life changer. We need to be a day maker to those around us. So then, we can go to the next level and be a life maker and life changer. Jesus was and is a life maker and a life changer to us and others. We need to the same thing in the lives around us. Just be nice and kind to people around us. This is not a choice but a command from God. Look around you and give someone a smile or a hug and make someone’s day.