Saturday May 3, 2014 Pastor Evan Sermon Patience

Saturday May 3, 2014 Pastor Evan sermon Patience Romans 5:1-5, James 5:7-9

We all need patience. The more we use it, the more we will have of it. The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching it, not by smashing it! Have patience with everything but first with yourself. Impatience and anxiety will settle in when we hold on to our own expectations too tightly. Christians should have hope in the glory of God thru Jesus Christ. We put our faith in Jesus and we glory in tribulations knowing that trials worketh patience and perseverance. Perseverance in patience. Difficulties and trials produce perseverance and patience.

Every trial and difficulty has a purpose and God has a plan for it. It all comes back to Faith in God! We should have the feeling of “Yes” we can do all things thru Jesus Christ! The pain and suffering won’t matter when we are patient because patience will help us get to the finish line. Patience will help us get to the finish line when we don’t feel like we will make it.
*** Patience: The ability to accept and tolerate a delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset.

The opposite is impatience. This is when we hold on to our own visions and ideas too tightly. The root of patience is Faith in God. God will deal with everything with justice in His own time. God will fix things for His glory and our own good in His own time. Why? Because we know God is Good! Patience does not look at an injustice, sit back and do nothing. Patience does not look at a sin and do nothing. Patience doesn’t do nothing, but it does something! If you take patience too far then it will become cowardice. There is a time to step up, speak up and act. Don’t be a coward! Pray that the Holy Ghost will lead you to do something. Patience produces character and experience. This is when you walk thru something in your life. We are all eternal beings with temporary trials that God lets us go thru to produce Hope and Faith. We know that Jesus will come through for us and be there to save us, help us and fix all things. Patience is being able to face adversity with confidence, grace and Faith in the Lord!

James 5:7-9 Be patient until the return of Jesus Christ. As the farmer is patient for the fruit of the harvest, so we need to be patient while waiting on the Lord. Don’t grumble at each other but be patient with people. Don’t be impatient with each other because impatience can be paralyzing. Impatience can paralyze you or the people around you. It can be suffocating and prevent you from being all that God wants you to be. You will be bitter, complaining and losing sight that God is in control. Let go and let God! Just be patient and wait on God to do it in His own time. God knows what He is doing. Let God take control and let Him work. Patience produces character and hope. Hope in God does not disappoint. God does not disappoint.
He is in control!
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