Saturday Night 4/19/14 Easter Service Pastor Lee Sermon Jesus Is Alive!

Saturday night 4/19/14 Easter Service Pastor Lee sermon Jesus is Alive! I Cor. 15:19, Acts 4:33, Luke 24:1-7, Luke 24: 18-31

Some people say that a stone should be put at the tomb believed to be where Jesus was laid. The stone should say “I told you so! I told you I would get up!” Everything does not end with the grave. Jesus transcended time and told us about a land beyond. We are to have hope in Christ beyond the grave. We are all gathered here tonight because 2,000 years ago there was a resurrection! Jesus appeared to the disciples restored to life!

In Acts 4:33, the early church was so intense on preaching Jesus’ resurrection. Before this, the women went to the tomb and Jesus was raised from the dead. The women told the disciples that his body was gone. In Luke 24:1-7, Jesus rose from the dead on the third day. Earlier in the week, the disciples saw Jesus crucified. Then that Friday night and that Saturday night they were in despair. Then Sunday morning came and they found out that Jesus was raised from the dead. Friday and Saturday night were the absolute darkest night in the lives of the disciples.

Some people who live in despair and darkness will not come to church for fear of God rejecting them because of their past sins. People need to know that God is waiting for us, waiting to forgive us for our sins. People need to forget their past and look to Jesus for their future. When we fall and stumble and everyone walks out on us, Jesus will be there for us! He will give us mercy and grace. Don’t listen to the devil’s lies and taunts about our past. Don’t let the devil replay in your minds all the bad stuff that you did. Look to God. Jesus paid the price for our sins. All our sins were cancelled and nailed to the cross. Jesus’ resurrection changed everything in our lives. The resurrection brings hope and a future for us.

Jesus is Alive! Jesus is there for us! Jesus is Risen! Jesus is Alive!

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