Saving One's Life through any means



Saving One's Life through any means

I have an issue, which I am afraid borders the edge of the rules allowed here, but I shall give it a shot anyways. My sincerest apologies if this does indeed cross the line. Additionally, I am going to state some beliefs and thoughts that may not agree with yours, but please take it with a grain of salt and move on, as I am providing it only as a background to help make my question. Also, if it makes a difference in this context, I am a Roman Catholic who is starting to find faith and religion again after pretty much discarding the faith for 3 or so years but still believing in God. So, without further ado...

Recently I have become afraid of the current state that the people of the US are in and what is to come. As a result, I have prepared with my roommates to "bug out" to an undisclosed rural location in the event of any disasters occurring. This involves carrying personal protection in the event that we are stopped in our progress to get to our location. Is it moral/ethical to attempt to try to disable another person if that person is attempting to detain or otherwise kill/disable me in my attempts to get to the location. I know the 5th commandment states "thou shalt not kill" and I also recall it saying somewhere in the Bible that if someone strikes your cheek, offer the other side. However, I can not believe that God would want one to basically offer oneself up to a government who is trying to oppress me. It seems a lot like when the Israelites were trapped in Egypt by the Pharoah. Again, I want to stress heavily that in no way would I enjoy disabling another individual nor do I want to in any way. However I just can not allow myself to be oppressed because I have the incorrect political views and I can not believe that God would want someone to accept death because of it. I just want to live my life out in peace. Thank you very much for the mods permitting this to exist and everyone who reads and replies to this post for your spiritual advice, because I am completely adrift and lost and afriad right now due to this one issue.