Say It Isn't So

The saddest part about this is that it shows an utter lack of hope....the fact that these things even come up in the world shows that. Children and parents that don't know the Lord have no hope - and once they are at the limit of man's medical knowledge - they can't see a way (the Way!)...all they can see is death. How much more then do they need the Light???

And our Lord let us know that these days would reveal some pretty horrendous things. But you know what Sweet Pea? Keep loving the Lord and being the good mother that you are. And know that God knows the name of each of those children - including those in Belgium and all around the world who are in the heartland of "hard times" country. In these situations, enhanced by Belgiums new law...I see the tragedy - but I also opportunity - for Light shines brighter when it gets darker in the world. If we keep our spiritual ears open....God can reap glory and additions to the Kingdom even in this!