School That Prevented Student From Handing Out Church Party Invitations Faces Lawsuit

Being that:
1. I was already a Christian in high school--- the mockery the Christian club who would pray together in the morning was ridiculous. The teachers and admins saw it happening and didn't open their mouths or do a single thing.
2. As a teacher, I applaud students who stand up for their faith--- regardless of they are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Pagan, etc.

My Pastor friend shared this news article:

Now I hesitate to agree with Fox News or any extremely biased news media--- same with CNN--- doesn't matter if its more liberal or conservative, BUT this student was not FORCING anybody to go to the Christmas party and if other students were allowed to do this, then why not this student?

Do you think there's a case???

(Btw, I do--- unless there is a policy stating NO fliers can be passed out, I don't think its fair that a "religious" flier is blocked)