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Israel found some fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls,
"written mostly in Greek" (A. Tsarfati, 2021, Mar. 16).
These fragments are primarily of the 'minor' prophets'

SOURCE: Behold Israel via Telegram 3/16/2021.
Israel found some fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls,
I heard something about scroll fragments being found on TV recently, but I didn't hear much. As far as I'm concerned any Bible scroll findings is good, so I figured that was why it was reported. I didn't hear that they were mostly in Greek, but why not?
Recently I was studying up on the book of Daniel and I learned something I never heard before. I'm not sure if this is true, but it sounds right. Some of Daniel is written in Hebrew but other parts are in Greek. If I was a Bible scholar, I might have thought this is odd but I doubt I would have gone beyond that. At least one man did. Assuming it was Daniel himself who used the 2 languages the question then becomes why did he do that. (maybe this is what most scholars believe, I don't know) The scholar who wrote the article I read claims the different languages indicate that Daniel was writing with 2 audiences in mind. The scholar claimed that in time period Daniel wrote in, Greek was the most common language of his day. And let's not forget that until recently the average person was illiterate. But Hebrew wasn't well known, at least to read it. The point is the language a document was written in gives us a clue as to who it was written for. It's interesting that these 2 books, Nahum and Zechariah are in Greek. Another riddle for the historians.
Daniel was originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic, and it's audience was the Jews in exile. By the time that Greek Hellenistic culture had significant influence in the Mediterranean region, Daniel was long dead.
Daniel was originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic
Yes, you're right. I knew it was 2 languages. The guy who made this point was also saying Daniel did this for a reason.
I don't recall the reason.
As I have proved here today, I have MS and it severly effects my memory. No problem, this is just another limitation I'm learning to live with.