Secret Societies And Freemasonry

My grandfather was a Mason. The story goes...that my grandfather was crippled in an industrial accident and that he was helped by a Jewish Mason who gave him the money to open his own little mom & pop corner grocery. My grandfather was able to eke out a living during the Great Depression through that store. The Jewish Mason owned an ice cream factory. As a show of gratitude, my grandfather carried only that brand of ice cream. I always chose to appreciate the fact that a Jewish man helped my grandfather and overlooked his Mason membership.
But we must deal in truth and, no matter how deep into the family heritage something goes, we must rebuke that which is not of God and walk away.
When I first went on disability, I met an older gentleman at the pharmacy and he gave me some good advice about being away from work then told me he was a Mason and invited me to his lodge/temple/church whatever. I politely took his card, but even in that state, as a double-minded psuedo-christian, I never went and eventually threw away the card.
Today I would just flat out tell him I'm a follower of Christ and thanks but no thanks. I don't know what my grandfather was to do at that time, but as a Mason, he couldn't have been a christian. Just because somebody steps in as a savior with generous, quick cash doesn't mean we should accept it and not wait on our Lord.