See Any Similarities?

Acts 19:20-32
Riot in Ephesis....
About that time (when Paul knew He must go to Rome), serious trouble developed in Ephesus concerning the Way. It began with Demetrius, a silversmith who had a large business manufacturing silver shrines of the greek goddess artemis. He kept many craftsmen busy. He called them together, along with others employed in similar trades, and addressed them as follows: "Gentlemen, you know that our wealth comes from this business. But as you have seen and heard, this man Paul has persuaded many people that handmade god's aren't really gods at all. And he has done this not only here in Ephesus but throughout the entire province. Of course, i'm not just talking about the loss of public respect for our business. I'm also concerned that the temple of the great goddess will lose its influence and that Artemis - .......will be robbed of her great presteige. At this their anger boiled, and they began to shout "great is artemis of the Ephesians" Soon the whole city was filled with confusion. Everyone rushed to the amphitheater, dragging along Gaius and Aristarchus, who were Paul's traveling companions from Macedonia. Paul wanted to go in, too but the believers wouldn't let him. Some of the officials of the province, friends of Paul, also sent a message to him, begging him not to risk his life by entering the amphitheater. Inside the people were all shouting, some one thing and some another. Everything was in confusion. In fact, most of them didn't even know why they were there.
I am going to stop here, but if one wants they can go and read the rest of the story (about 10 verses).

As i was reading this morning (well my morning...giggle) i felt God impressing upon me that this is happening today.

In this wonderful world we live in, there are many scriptures that God is giving us greater depth on, or a greater understanding on. Things that many preachers are not comfortable with accepting or understanding. Which is not any slam on them...just that they have not been given a revelation of that knowledge yet. In other words it seems to foreign to them, and they have not become settled in that it's from the Almighty.

There are also many wonderful brothers and sisters that are thinking that these deeper revelations are not of God either.

The problem is that some of these good God fearing people have jumped on the band wagon of attacking those who preach these things...and in many ways stirring up riots just like in Ephesus because they feel that they are out of line with the Word of God. Much of the body of Christ are fighting each other as if we are enemies. But guess what??? We are ALL apart of the Body Of Christ, and He is the Head. And if we decide to be enemies....God commands us to love our we have no excuse to be mean or act other than in a loving manner....unless you do not love God...because He says that those whom love Him obey His commands, (John 14:21)

Do we honestly think that God is pleased with us fighting one another...when He said that they will know we are Christians by our LOVE for one another? Do we really think that the world is going to desire to be apart of the body when hate is spewing from someone's mouth towards another brother or sister who professes to be a Christian just like they are? Do we seem to be different or separated from the world?

God realizes that the end is drawing near. And as we are in a period of grace (because of the Blood that Jesus shed on the cross for us), do we really think that by judging one another harshly (which is contrary to how the Bible teaches us to approach one another) is going to win others to Christ? Is that really showing the Love of God, that as Romans 5:5 says He shed abroad in our hearts? Did you see that? GOD put love in our that we could go and love the people whom Jesus died for.

Christ died for us while we were acting ugly, and some of were worse than others. So did we forget that? Have we forgotten what it feels like to be treated or spoken to in a harsh manner? How are we going to win others to Christ and be Christ like....when we are seeking out others to constantly knock them?

God is trying to get our attention, to show us that we are behaving just like the world when we treat others with contempt. We are in that amphitheater stirring up a riot against a man of God...or one that God has appointed, or against another brother or sister in the Lord. Some people don't even know why they are there, just decided to go with the mob. Sounds kind of silly huh?

Two last scriptures...Romans 14:4 who are we to judge or condemn someone else's servants? Their own masters will judge whether they stand or fall. And with the Lord's help, they will stand and receive His approval.

In Acts 5 starting at vs. 17 through 40. I want to call your attention to vs. 38-39 "So my advice is, (this is Gamaliel speaking. He was an expert in religious law and was highly respected) leave these men alone. Let them go. If they are planning and doing these things merely on their own, it will soon be overthrown. But if it is from God, you will not be able to overthrown them. You may even find yourself fighting against God.

Take the time to think and pray prior to responding to someone whom you disagree with. Take the time to choose your Words wisely, give yourself a time out if need be. Because I know that none of us want to go against God. And that is what we are doing when we are standing in harsh judgement over one of God's servants. The Bible says that if a person acknowledges that Jesus Christ came in a real body, that person has the spirit of God (1 John 4:2) I pray that will bring some peace and comfort.

Blessings to you all!