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Serenity Through Hope Ministries

Serenity Through Hope Ministries

Serenity Through Hope Ministries is a Ministry that the Lord has lead me to begin, my heart tells me that we are here to minister to "At Risk and Abused youth" as well as "Alcoholics and Addicts." The Lord Jesus Christ has laid this on my heart to witness and share the word of God to the youth as well as adults that are in prison. This is the perfect opportunity to make a decision to accept Jesus Christ in their lives and turn there lives around. Hence the name Serenity Through Hope Ministries. There is hope for everyone regardless of their past, through Christ, that they may receive Salvation by the grace of God.

The same conviction is in my heart for the suffering "Alcoholics and Addicts." I have been involved in some capacity at the local Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center for sometime now, in treatment the "Alcoholics and Addicts" are thought to turn their life over to a "higher power," I have heard counselors say "Use a tree if you have to, because it is stronger than you!" This is a serious turning point in their lives and this is where Serenity Though Hope Ministries would like to be there to witness and share the word of God so THE HIGHEST POWER! takes charge of their life.

We have been praying about starting an in depth correspondence bible course for inmates that are currently incarcerated. We would like to see an intense correspondence bible study course for inmates that have recently came to Christ or just wish to learn about the bible. The second phase would be a more advanced bible study course that relates the 12-step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous to scriptures. Finally if they complete both of the proceeding courses they would qualify for an in depth study of the bible with a focus on starting a prison ministry. The goal of this correspondence bible course would be to reach out to the Christians who are in Prison who have found Christ and make them “Fishers of Men.” We want to arm them with the tools needed to become fruitful Christians, of which we all should strive to achieve in our daily walk. All of this of course we would like to provide free of charge to the prisoners.
We also provide school supplies and clothing to less fortunate children. Hence, we must pray for support and funding if it is God’s will that Serenity Through Hope offer this as part of the ministry.
Serenity Though Hope Ministries is a true Testament of "We Walk by Faith, Not by Sight" (2 Corinthians 5:7). Serenity Through Hope Ministries is just getting started and We are running on the power of prayer! I ask that you pray for God's will in Serenity Though Hope Ministries and that we have the strength to carry it out his plan!
There will be more on the web page to come as the good Lord Jesus Christ Guides my heart. Please keep us in your prayers.

With Prayerful Blessings
In The Spirit
Reverend Rick L. Hill Jr
Senior Pastor and Ministry Director
Serenity Through
Hope Ministries



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Thanks for the link, Rev Rick. :D I hope many will be saved through this ministry.

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