Serious Terrorist Threat Advisory from US Department of Homeland Security 28 June 2015

Pastor Gary

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I placed this info post on my Facebook page a few days ago - 5 to 6 hours before most media outlets in the US started carrying this info. This applies mainly to US locations, but radicals can strike anywhere these days, so take care and be safe:


Homeland Security Advisory - 28 June 2015

The US Department of Homeland Security has issued a terrorist activity advisory to states and law enforcement agencies. Intelligence Agencies have detected an unusually high amount of terrorist communications over the past several days and with three coordinated ISIS attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait on 27 June, there is a higher than average risk for a United States based attack in the near future. Some media outlets, such as Fox News, are broadcasting this information.

With a major US holiday less than a week away and symbolism being important to ISIS radicals, I am just reminding everyone who sees this to be observant, cautious and if you see anything that is suspicious, move away from the area and call 9-1-1 and report your concerns. You just may save lives by doing so.

Please monitor national media, such as Fox News, for additional information.

Thank you.


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