Several Testimonials How God Is Protecting Us

I will give several testimonial again from my family. Most of it, is from my grandmother (I close to her very much).

Around the year 1945 in Indonesia, when the situation is not stabilized, the war of independence made everywhere to be tense.Not only they hate the Dutch or Japanese but Chinese too. At that time, my grandma said that her father wants to eat cheese, and the cheese only sold in the city (Batavia now Jakarta), after they both going to the city to buy the cheese for their family and accompanied her father to the train to go back home first while she is stay to visit her big sister. The Indonesian soldiers suddenly coming around the station, forcing the Chinese people to get out from the train and torture them and rob them. My great grandpa was so full Chinese in appearance so my grandma thought that he would be caught easily so she prays for her father safety (my great grandpa was praying too, I guess). When they almost reach his seat, they passed him! They even don't look at him like he was invisible or in their eyes my great grandpa is looks like not a Chinese.Then my grandma going back to her sister after seeing her father safe, a soldier suddenly stop herand ask her where her destination, my grandma is afraid and she prays silently in her heart,then she feels calm and she said that she wants to go to her sister home, I don't know why too but that soldier suddenly calling a cycle rickshaw and told the driver to escort her to her destination and told him don't touch her too. The both safe from the soldiers brutalities.

This testimonial is about my grandma's relatives. A young man from a rich family become mad and like a crazy man because a spell from a wicked woman. He is suddenly like a crazy man, strange behavior, full of anger so his parents must lock him in the big cage.His mind only about that woman so her parents ask help everywhere but failed, I don't know how they end up with the church, because my grandma and several people from her church praying for him.she said that the man changed very much, from a handsome man become ugly like that, very very dirty and smelly.Whenever they praying, he more become angrier. He is possessed because the spell so my grandma said that people who didn't have Holy Spirit couldn't doing exorcism or it will transfer. she said that it's very hard to exorcist the evil spirit but after a long time battle with the evil, he is finally free. After that, he is married to a good woman and become a Christian.

This is about my grandma. She is getting married, she said that God gave the sign to her and her future husband that they are soul mates by a same dream. But because he is Buddhist and he is from Buddhist family so she doesn't want to bow in front of his ancestors family altar and she wants to married in the church, so he said okay and become Christian too. She lives with all her in-laws in one house, and she is the only one a Christian while others all Buddhist, so they like to mock her, if she sing a christian song, words "sailing to heaven", they mocking her that "how could people sailing to heaven, sailing to the sea not heaven". But my grandma didn't angry with them instead she pray for them everyday. One day when she ready to go to the church, her in-laws suddenly ask her to take them with her to her church. After that they become Christian until now, their children and grandchildren too. God using my grandma to win many souls in her husband's family, I wonder that's why God gave her soul mate non christian.

The next testimonial is about a black magic, which is common things here even until now. When my grandparents moving to their new home (until now) there are not much Chinese people around them, their neighbor (a woman non christian) hated them very much, she said to me that she doesn't know why she hated them because she never had any problem with her.
Strange things surrounding my grandparents, like evil power trying to attack them, at midnight, they praying together, they praying together too with the church people in Holy Spirit language in 2nd floor. When it's over, her neighbor come to her, crying and begging for her forgiveness and said that she hated my grandma and trying to attack her family by black magic, she confessed "why this Chinese is so hard to be hurt by black magic? I asking every shaman, always failed. What kind of magic she has?".
My grandma actually knows already that she is the culprit but she is just silent and she answered that she only has Jesus, and she didn't have any power and said that she could give her forgiveness about what she done but only God could give forgiveness for her sins, then she said to my grandma that she will die tomorrow, because in her dream, an evil spirit, very tall, has 2 horn and tail, hold like a big fork said that it coming to take her soul.Then it's really happen, that woman died after that day.
When I heard this, I prayed that I don't want to hurt others because if I do it I will get the karma for what I've done. It's scary how your soul being taken by the devil not by Jesus... :eek:

I hope that these testimonials will give you joy and happiness as I have when I heard this first. I will try to write another too because I don't want to keep this for myself, I feel like a bank of testimonials for remember all of the great testimonials from different peoples. :D
It is always refreshing to hear that Jesus is alive and well. I never get tired of reading these testimonies. I never get tired of reading miraculous power of the Lord to save and deliver. I am glad the lord saved me to behold His mighty works in my life and others as well.

I'm glad for you! May the Lord continue to work in your life.

Oh Lord Jesus, you are great and mighty in your works among your people! Be glorified in our lives! Let your people shout for joy, for you are mighty to save!

Thank you Lord Jesus!