Severe Pneumonia Grandaughter Mila



Severe Pneumonia Grandaughter Mila

Dear beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, Lord and Savior, please pray for my neighbors grandaughter, Mila, i think she is 6 yrs old, she has 'double pneumonia.' May Jesus the Great Physician heal her. please lift her up before the Throne of Grace in your prayers tonight, thank you and may the Love and peace of Christ dwell richlt with your spirits and may the Holy Spirit empower your prayers, love brother
Almighty God, and merciful Father, to whom alone belong the issues of life and death: Looking down from heaven, we humbly ask you Lord to look with your eyes of mercy upon this child now lying upon the bed of sickness: Visit her dear Lord, with thy salvation and please deliver her from this illness.

We pray this prayer in your precious name, Amen.

My sweet Jesus I lift up Mila to you my God. She is very sick with pneumonia lord. She needs YOU now Lord for your devine healing. We lift her up now Lord to you. Lord I pray that you will heal her WITH THE FIRE FIRE FIRE OF YOUR HEALING SPIRIT AND THE FIRE OF YOUR LOVE TO YOUR CHILDREN. Be healed Mila in the name of JESUS CHRIST! I rebuke the sickness that you have in the Name of JESUS CHRIST. It is time for this sickness to leave by the name of Jesus, I say begone now.
Heavenly Father send the Holy spirit upon your child and make her whole again. We thank you so much Jesus for taking care of us. We love you. Thank you Lord.Amen:smiley40: