Severe Weather Event

Severe Weather Event

Possibility for Monday through Tuesday for the Oklahoma region, Wednesday for the southeastern states-Alabama, Mississippi, NW Florida... Also states to be on the watch include Texas, Lousiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee. More as this developes.

The main risk will be significant supercell activity firing on the dryline ahead of the front.

I'll post more as we continue running and contrasting computer models. That being said, spotters are being activated and mobilized for the Oklahoma region on Tuesday.

Pastor Gary

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Senior Moderator
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Severe Storms Continue to Fire Up...

We have been tracking this activity since early Sunday morning. NUMEROUS tornadoes have been reported in Texas in the past 18 hours and more to come as this series of storms moves easterly into the adjacent states as listed above by Acral.

Persons in the southern and central plains states as well as in the southeastern US are being advised to listen to local media and keep your NOAA Weather Radios on for official alerts and advisories.

Since these storms pop up quickly, Acral and I can not give local advisories in this type of situation: only general updates for entire regions. Therefore it is very important that our members residing in those areas pay attention to your local reports for up to the minite details, watches and warnings.

Be prepared and be safe!

"THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL ADVISORY. These updates and advisories are based upon information from our own computer models, NOAA, Local Weather Data Centers, deep water Buoy Data, and other publicly available sources. FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR PROPERTY AND PERSON, please refer to your Local, State, and Federal Authority updates for Official Advisories and Orders. For up to the minute advisories and official updates, it is essential that you monitor your local Emergency Government, NOAA and Local Media Broadcasts. Please do not make personal safety decisions based upon information presented here in this Unofficial Advisory."