Shalom From Jerusalem

Shalom from Jerusalem to all at Christian Forum Site

A small introduction... We are a store operating from the center of Jerusalem for ten years now. We are owned and operated by believers and as a new member of this group we would like to offer discount codes especially for the use of the members of this forum.

I have created a discount coupon code: cfs15
That code shall give any member of this forum a 15% discount on anything from our store.

I would like to just highlight a new category called Grafted in Messianic Jewelry which is a collection of beautifully hand-crafted pendants, some of which are straight from the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City. They present a graphic picture of Paul's words in as he carefully explained to the Gentiles that when they personally give their lives to Jesus, they are 'grafted in' to the natural olive tree of Israel and become partakers of all the promises of God.

God bless you all
Blessings from Jerusalem
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Shalom there - i presume by the 'Howdy' you would be respondimg from the United States. We have just entered Shabbat here in Jerusalem so 'Shabbat shalom' Brother Mike
Shabbat now draws to an end and the new week begins here in Jerusalem. What makes the change over from Shabbat to the new week so special in Jerusalem is the separation is marked in many households with the Havdalah ceremony.

The Sabbath rest the LORD commands Christian and Jew alike to "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy..." Exodus 20:8 is felt in Jerusalem like no other place on earth. Now as the new week begins the following prayer shall be being lifted up in the homes of many families here

As the time for the end of Shabbat has passed (3 stars shall be visible in the sky), one can recite the following words and begin to do "weekday" activities:
Baruch ha-mavdil bein kodesh le-chol.
Blessed is the one Who divides between the sacred and the mundane.

Required for the Havdalah ceremony shall be some wine (or grape juice) some fragrant spices, and a special Havdalah candle.

I shall explain this in more detail next week - so for now "Shavua tov" or "Good week" in Hebrew