Set Free!


:-D Greetings in Jesus' Name to all the brethren on this site!

I was invited to this site by Jeff! I don't know how he got my name or how he even knew that I am a Christian?[saved for 28 years] It must be the Holy Spirit's leading?! Romans 8:14. [LOL]

I'm glad to be here and hope God will use me to bless, help, and encourage, another believer as I pray they can for me! Amen!
:lol: i browse the net for christian ministries or other forums and i collect names at random. Thats how i do it :-D .

Anyway, welcome to CFS brother. I hope you enjoy your stay. pm me when you need help.

God bless you
Shalom! to you too.

Welcome to the Christian Forum Site. If you have children at home I invite you to join us in the Family and Parenting site!