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Hello you and welcome.

So yesterday reading in the bible thought about how to try and remember scriptures sometimes. So decided to write down what was had been read in Matthew Chapter 2.

Imagine the terror One King can bring
Kill all the children the voice did
ring; Those men - wise men -
They did not come back _ Kill the
Children amongst the land
Sadness and shame did this one man bring

Wise men not so smart
told the location of where
the Lord was to be born to a man, a King named Herod
ruthless man can be by definition of one -
Who had all the new born babies and the two year olds
to be done away with as if they were nothing
Could you imagine the soldiers under this man
All the trauma causes for the wives and newly made parents?

Thank God we have a King, a King of kings, and Lord of lords. The Lord Jesus Christ - who showed mercy, love, and compassion - along with righteous anger at those whom had hard hearts, - Forgive them for they know not what they do as He hung on a cross,
Raised again by The Father to bestow all believers grace, and the holy spirit
and to change the heart of human beings all together - they make the choice to
turn towards God and the Lord Jesus Christ - A most wonderous King.


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This one is more of a story:

Insufferable pain, mental, physical, emotional.

Twelve long years worth of trouble - Stories of a man out of

Nazareth came unto me -

Healing of the blind, sick, deaf, mute, and demon possessed.

Today waking up in agony - do not even desire to get up out of bed the pain inside hurts

Birds fly past the window, getting up now, on ward my feet rest upon the dirt floor.

A commotion outside comes from behind the houses' closed door.

"It's Yeshua, Yeshua of Nazareth! Everyone come look it is Yeshua, who healed so many!" They exclaimed.

Quickly rushing to open the door, as the light creaked with-in the household even more so now.

A huge crowd was surrounded this man, that had comes from Nazareth who had healed so many people.
Into the crowed did I start to searching for Him, amongst all the ones who kept pushing me back, did I continue to move forward and being swarmed as that of ants swarming on top a bee to kill it.

"Found Him, there he is" saying to myself. "If possibly touching his robe, reaching out to Him, and touching the fringe of his robe shall it be that all those whom he healed it shall be for me as well and all of these others, I believe!" she thought to herself.

She reached out and touched his robe, and healing inside was made a must, for God with her right then she trusted.

"My insides, they are made new this feeling is terrifying yet, it has made me whole again inside peace, inside no more agony, how Great is our Lord" - She said to her self in fear and awe of what had just happened to her.

She ran up to the Lord and told him "Thank you" in which He responded "Your faith has made you well"
This man cured her agony, the doctors and all the money she spent to make her well could not even do as much as He : the Lord Yeshua Christ.

Mark Chapter 5: = 12 Years worth of suffering.
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