Updated version. I just love to think about what colors represent what to God, considering God is light and creation displays his qualities. I have always loved how purple/magenta is a mixture of blue (which is a high vibration) and red (which is the lowest vibration), which when combined make the highest vibration of color. In my mind, red represents the flesh that dwells on earth, like animals and us. But God very clearly gave us a spirit, whereas animals are more just lifeforms. So I see blue and red as spirit and flesh coming together to make one of God's most beloved creations, which is why Humans are purple and have the most power. Green to me is the Earth, and all the things God gives our flesh through it. When you combine red and green in light mixing, you get yellow, which I see as the glory we give to God and that we see that God nourishes and cares for even the ugliest of creatures. When I think of a spiritual Earth, I think of heaven, and cyan/teal is actually most closely the color of the sky, or heavens, that rain down on the earth below. Funny also how all the warm colors, R, Y, and G, all point upwards. The green plants grow up, and the animals sing their songs up to God. And funny how all the cooler colors, C, B, M, all come down. The Heavens fall down and nurture the Earth. And most sadly the spirit of satan and the man Adam both fell down. Idk, I just think it is interesting. :)
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