Shooting Back

What would you do if armed terrorists broke into your church and started attacking your friends with automatic weapons in the middle of a worship service?

Would you be prepared to defend yourself and other innocents?

Would you be justified in doing so?

Is it time for church-goers to consider such once-unthinkable possibilities?

There is one man in the world who can address these questions with first-hand experience.
His name is Charl van Wyk, yes it's me - a South African who was faced with just such a shocking scenario.

In "Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self-Defense," I makes a Biblical, Christian case for individuals arming themselves with guns, and does so more persuasively than perhaps any other author because I found myself in a church attacked by terrorists.

I would love you to look for this book. You will surely blessed. ‘Shooting Back’ is a wonderful book describing the right as a Christian to carry a concealed weapon for protection of yourself and others. It is backed by Scripture and has a word for word description of an actual situation where having a pistol, clearly saved the lives of many. It is a book that should be read by believers and non-believers.

Welcome to our forum. David defeated the enemies of God and was a man after God's own heart. Joshua, Caleb and many others, the bible teaches us to be strong and courageous.
Mr. van Wyk, I don't think it's right to encourage Christians to kill or to have guns on their person during worship services. It's wrong for Christians to enjoy the act of killing. Personally, I'd rather die than commit murder in God's house. I'd rather be shot and killed than to take a human life.
I appreciate all of your inputs about this topic. Really appreciated. Thanks much, Theo, Joshhuntnm, and Adonaicole.

Mr. Theo Fane, we do have many perceptions in life especially when dealing such kind of act. I respect of all your opinions. But me as myself became an example of how one armed citizen can make a difference between life and death. I was there, exactly right there, in the most chaotic experience and with other young people who have lost their lives from the hand of the intruders. We are designed perfectly not to be cruel and thought to love one another. But remember, God, upon the creation, given us wisdom and will power to protect and defend ourselves most especially the innocent people.

What would you do if armed terrorists broke into your church and started attacking your friends, a congregation with automatic weapons in the middle of a worship service?

This is not just a mere question? This had me and other Christians out there. This is not to encourage others and find pleasure in killing. This is to ask ourselves to be vigilant for ourselves and of those in our surrounding.

Shooting Back - The Right and Duty of Self-Defense
I started a thread here: ; that expresses some of my thoughts on the gun debate if interested...

It is my belief that we need to maintain a posture of defense that can equally handle the threat at hand whether it be 'foreign or domestic.'

I would prefer not too murder anyone; I am certain there are some examples of keeping defenses in the Bible. (Nehemiah) Should they need arise- then we go on the offensive. I think I remember something about 'resisting the devil' and 'wickedness in high places'...