Short biography

Short biography

Short Bio.
Jonatan Svensson was born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden. As a young boy he suffered with chronic ear infections and had to be operated on every six months. One week before one of these operations his mother brought him to a tent crusade. At the crusade a minister from the Salvation Army by the name Roger Larsson picked Jonatan out of the crowd and started carrying him around praying as the power and love of God touched the young boy.

From that day forward Jonathan was completely healed. That first encounter with the Living God made him understand that Jesus was very real and full of unconditional love.

It was a couple of years later at the age of nineteen he surrendered his life to the Lord as he had another visitation of the power an love in his home in Sweden. The calling of God became more and more real to him after his conversion to the point he quit his employment and went to a one year full time Bible school Gotabro Bible school and then another 2 years at Word of Life Bible School. It was during this time that while praying, he heard the Lord speak to him about going to the United States. That same year, through a series of divine appointments, he came in contact with Pastor Rune Brannstrom who invited Jonatan to join him in San Antonio, Texas.

Since coming to minister in San Antonio Jonatan has started two different food distributions in the city with the first outreach on the south side. Then in 2003, Jonatan had a vision where he saw and felt the love of the Father towards a housing project named Cassiano Homes. He saw the fatherless, the prostitutes and the single moms who were crying out for help. God was asking Jonatan to go with His love to these people. In this vision he got instructions to get food from Daily Bread Ministries and distribute it as he had done in his earlier ministry on the south side. As a result of Jonatan’s obedience to that vision, God started working mighty miracles in Cassiano Homes by touching those in need of His love.

(This text was taken from an article in Daily Bread News Letter issue 3)
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