Short Sermonettes From Our Ancestors In The Lord

am glad you are enjoying yourself. The salvation business is a friend of happiness. Making heaven on earth is our business. Serve the Lord with gladness is one of our favorite mottos. So I am pleased that you are pleased! But amidst all your joys don't forget the sons and daughters of misery. Do you ever visit them? Come away and let us make a call or two. Here is a home, six in family, they eat and drink and sleep and sick and die in the same chamber. Here is a drunkard hovel, void of furniture, wife a skeleton, children in rags; father now sleeping, the victims of his neglect. Here are the unemployed, wandering about, seeking work and finding none. Yonder are the wretched criminals cradled in crime passing in and out of the prisons all the time. There are the Daughter of shame deceived and wronged and ruined. Traveling down the dark and blind to an early grave. There are the children, fighting in the gutter, going hungry to school. Growing up to fill their parents places. Brought it all on themselves, you say? Perhaps so. But that does not excuse our assisting them. You don?t demand a certificate of virtue before you drag some drowning creature out of the water. Nor the assurance in a man of faded grace before you deliver him from the burning building. But what shall we do? Content ourselves by singing a hymn? Offering a prayer? Or giving a little good advice? NO! Ten thousand times no! We will forgive them. Feed them! Reclaim them. Employ them!Perhaps we shall fail with many. Quite likely. But our business is to help them all the same. And that in the most practical, economical and Christlike manner. ...But you must help with the means. And there is nothing like the present. Who in this company will lend a hand by taking up the gauntlet?
General Wm. Booth 1910, Founder of the Salvation Army
[A Moravian missionary]…came into my tent, sat down beside me, and spoke nearly as follows: ‘I come to you in the name of the Lord of Heaven and Earth. He sends to let you know that He will make you happy and deliver you from the misery in which you lie at the present. To this end He became a man, gave His life a ransom for man, and shed His Blood for him’.

When he had finished his discourse he lay down upon the board, fatigued by the journey, and fell down into a sound sleep. ‘What kind of man is this?’ thought I. ‘There he lies and sleeps. I might kill him and throw him out into the wood, and who would regard it? But this gives him no concern’.

I could not forget his words. They constantly recurred to my mind. Even when I was asleep, I dreamed of the blood which Christ shed for us. I found this to be something different from what I had ever heard, and I interpreted Christian Henry’s words to the other Indians.

Thus, through the grace of God, an awakening took place before us. I say, therefore, Brethren, preach Christ our Saviour, His sufferings and death, if you wish your words to gain entrance among the heathen."