Siddhi's testimony

My depression story.....I have not been able to walk since birth.I remember sinning as a child.Because of this I want salvation.:approve

I don't like some people 👫saying bad words.:sad

I was a pure vegetarian because consuming non-vegetarian food is sinful.

I used to think about which religion to choose. That is to choose monotheism or polytheism.

Or I used to think about which deity to believe.

I went to church.⛪
I know and believe that Jesus the son of God healed some people but why am I not healed, some church is a hypocrite, who will pick me up and take me That means the family will not be able to pick me up.and I want salvation so I am sad and depressed.

I don't judge the church but the Lord will do it on the last day but I found that tabor ashram online and gave them 100 rupees to heal me but the pastor was just talking about the bible

and can't do anything. I was shocked😧
I was sad I thought that I will be cured by healing power means in physical
And Ever since the corona virus came, I was worried.
I started remembering negative things, became irritable and vitamin deficient and Fell unconscious.:thud

I was taken to Apollo Hospital and regained consciousness.🏥

Then I went to another hospital. Doctor gave me sleeping pill because I can't sleep all night.:sleep
And was not hungry.
My mother took me to a psychiatrist. I didn't say anything, I kept silent.

My testimony
I saw on the internet that Jesus died for sin. Jesus rose from the dead on the third day
When I saw the Holy Spirit🕊️ I was afraid, I knew what the truth was. Then I started believing in monotheism.✝️
There is good news why the Holy Spirit appeared, He has something to tell me
Then I started eating vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.🍖

Sitting on a wheel chair hurts my back .🧑‍🦽 end The story