significance of elijah and moses


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significance of elijah and moses

when they was with Christ.they both when they first lived divided the water,and crossed from dry land,through water to dry land.Jesus topped this and walked on water showing us his athority over water.:smiley10:
clearly shows us to point 3.3rd day resserection.and clearly shows him walking on water ,ie putting his enemies under his feet.shut door 2.
Hi smellycat,

If you think about Moses's role and Elijah's in the history of Israel...

MOSES: Mosaic covenant (laws) and led them out of Egypt to just before the promised land. (Exo 2 - Deut)
ELIJAH: Baal VS God. This was it for Israel. 400 prophets of Baal VS Yahweh [1Kg 18:20-40. If Baal won this duel (as if that was going to happen!) then that would have been it for Israel's and Yahweh. (1Kg 17 - 2Kg 2)

Arguable two of the greatest turning points in the history of Israel...

...Jesus was the next.

Hope this has shed some light on things.