Sing Praises

We should take this attitude toward our own suffering, persecutions, troubles, and grief, etc. We should realize that God has not abandoned us in our suffering, he will never leave us or forsake us, he is in complete control of our circumstances, he knows what he is doing, none of this has taken him by surprise, and he has a plan and a purpose for it all.

He has not hidden himself from us, he has not fallen asleep, he has not forgotten about us, he hears our cries for mercy, he hears the desires of the afflicted, and he is here to offer us encouragement, hope, counsel, direction, purpose, and to fill us with his peace and joy. He will give us all we need, he will help us, and he will rescue us from all our troubles. He may not rescue us physically from trouble and hardship until he takes us home to be with him, but he will rescue us emotionally and spiritually from the weight and burden of our suffering, and he will lift us up and will fill our hearts with desire for him.

So, when we are going through difficult times, and even at the hands of those we consider to be evil and wicked, we must remember what the scriptures teach us with regard to suffering, persecutions and hardships. They are for our good, to test our faith, to develop within us godly character and perseverance, and to grow us to maturity in Christ Jesus.

Our response to these times of hardship, tribulations and persecutions should be that we should rejoice, we should praise God, and we should leap for joy because we are being treated the same way the prophets of old were treated, and the same way Jesus Christ was treated. And, we should have joy in our hearts and thanksgiving for the good that God will produce in our lives as we learn obedience through what we suffer.

Sing Praises / An Original Work / November 30, 2012

Based off Psalms 6-9

Sing praises to the Lord!
Tell of His wondrous works.
Afflicted, they cry out;
The Lord will not forget;
The needy, not desert.

The Lord’s our refuge now;
A stronghold when we fear.
The Lord will ne’er forsake
The ones, who Him pursue!

Sing praises to the Lord!
With all my heart I sing.
I will rejoice in Him;
Sing praises to His name;
Tell of His wondrous works.

My shield is God Most High.
He saves those who believe
In Jesus Christ, God’s Son.
His grace has pardoned you!

The Lord accepts my prayer!
The Lord has heard my cries.
He is so merciful.
He heals my anguished soul.
The Lord has made me whole.

Give thanks unto the Lord.
Give praise unto His name.
Our Lord is righteousness.
Sing praises to the Lord!

Sing praises to the Lord!