Single...? You're Not Alone.

Do you have a singles ministry near you that meets your needs?

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Did you know that 103.5 million people are single in the United States? It is the fastest growing demographic in America, yet is the least ministered demographic in the church. Why is this? Why do churches have programming geared toward kids, teens, young adults and married adults, but most churches don't have any programming toward SINGLE adults? I'm from the Atlanta area (an area loaded with mega-churches) yet most of these churches don't have any singles programming...

The facts are: if you're single, you long for contact with others. You desire fellowship. If you can't get the healthy and holy fellowship you need at church, then most will compromise what they believe in order to get their needs met.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a singles ministry unaffiliated with any church that had healthy and holy events year round? Singles need events that aren't too churchy, but are still Christ-centered. There actually is one... Echo Ministries is the best singles ministry in America. Whether you're young or old, it's a place you can belong. You can find them at
This isn't an international dating site... It's actually a singles ministry. It caters to the needs of singles by providing opportunities for them to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and one another. I am so amazed that churches don't have programming focused on enriching the lives of their singles. Just thought I'd check to see what other people thought about the subject.