May 2, 2007
san jose ca, usa

who skateboards? i skateboard and ride bmx, but im not too good at either lol im steady on a skateboard aand can ride one perfect but im not too good at tricks and stuff, i just learned how to ollie, its especialy hard becous im heavy, and im natruly big, im just a big person lol, my cousin who is natruly pretty thin and slim can ollie an d kickflip, but im WILL be as good as him. on bmx i can bunnyhop, table turn, endo, curb endo, and ride the hanldebars.


I am not that coordinated and I don't heal as fast as I used to anymore so I will leave the skateboarding to you- but I am glad you are having fun with it. Just one word of advise I whish I had at your age- when you get older it's not just the things you do that hurt but also the things you used to do- LOL!- have a great time and be safe- blessings on your day- brother Larry