skipping lessons

skipping lessons

well I don't know if this is the right section to post,but it's related to school,and I'm a youth,so.. >________<

thing is,school has started for about 5 weeks,and already people are skipping.and the worst thing is,they are mostly from my 'clique'.the reason for the inverted commas,is because the class is not really clique-ish,we get along with everyone,but those who are skipping lessons are the ones I am sorta closer to..

so the problem is not that I want to skip,cos I do know the consequences, but what I want to know is how to reject them because I have stated that I will not skip class,but the problem is,everytime they skip, they will try to drag me along as well..I don't know,but I think it's cus I stated so clearly that i don't want to skip >___< and besides, my senior,who is also my accountability partner,will be disappointed if I skip school halfway.I don't want to skip,but the temptation gets stronger each time i reject..I've been praying about it,and people have been praying.. but i just don't know what to expect or do.. ):

please help..


Don't worry what they think about you. They know you're wise to stay in class, whether they admit it or not.

2 Timothy 2:22 comes to mind. Do what's right with those who also do what's right. The rebelious will pay. Believe me you don't want to have to go back to school when you should have graduated already, and should be free.
This is where you really learn to "be your own person." You determine your own values, goals, standards, etc. and stand up for them. You establish the fact that you are a separate person with your own will, not merely an appendage of a group. Owning your own identity will keep you out of a lot of trouble in life, believe me.

You can do this without being condemning of your friends. Your true friends will respect you for your integrity. It's part of the process of becoming a healthy, responsible, well-adjusted adult. You are making a responsible choice by not skipping. It is a choice which will benefit you.

Another thought: one of the reasons they try to persuade you to come along is that they, themselves are either unsure of their own choice to skip, or know they shouldn't. Either way, your skipping with them helps to validate their choice, so you actually do them a disservice if you join them.
I'll throw in an example of what I'm talking about.

When I was a youth, I was exceedingly predjudiced against alcohol. I easily resisted any temptation to drink because of that prejudice. As I grew older, that prejudice subsided. I instead made a personal decision to avoid drinking alcohol, making an exception for communion wine. When faced with situations where alcohol is being served, I don't make a big deal of it. I just politely, gently, kindly, but firmly decline any offer of alcohol. So far, nobody has taken offense. If someone did take issue with my not drinking, I would reiterate my declination with a smile. If they really got bent out of shape, I would leave, if necessary.

The ironic thing is, many people think I'm a recovering alcoholic, when the truth is I never started drinking in the first place. :D


Very good posts Rumely, dead on.

Respect to you for never starting. I soppose I'd call myself a recovering alchoholic. That sound strange to me, but I guess that's what it is since I just really liked to get drunk before.

Be careul little feet where you go. For the little feet behind you are sure to follow. At some point in some way or another, someone will be following you. Don't lead them to distruction. Lead them into God's ways. Where their salvation is. And abundant life is found.
Thanks Mark and Rumely :) I just wanted to be sure.It's kinda difficult to do what's right and still keep afloat in today's society. =x but i'm sure it'll be worth it all in the end..hopefully.
Az my sis
I used to skip a lot back then.
I had many skipped days, my grades were lower, I didn't care because I did not know what would happen. I just wanted to enjoy the company of my friends. but they didn't care if i skipped a class or not, they won't pressure but only try to lol. trust me I felt the consequence, and looking back, I can tell my self I was truly a fool that was learning. we all learned our lessons, now we don't skip. etc.. (rarely, I only miss a class now in college if I need to study for a test)

point is, the more I skipped, the more I felt like not studying, the more my grades got low. the worst things got, the guiltier I felt, etc...
That's prior to becoming a real Christian.
and also high school was boring and I didn't like it. but college is great and we really learn a lot of good information.
so just persevere little sister, until College, trust me, if they skip in college, that are truly unworthy of being your friends :D
so don't go with them ! don't skip
do it for Jesus :)
for it for the LORD!!!!!!!
You feel like you can skip, but, try to take things seriously, and watch how your life will change.
mine did !
brother,i AM in college :p tsk~

but yes,I am learning how not to follow the crowd now :) I skipped once due to peer pressure,but as you said,felt like skipping more and more.But thankfully,I've learnt to be a little ''smarter'' :p I now stick to my friends who don't skip school,and who pressures me instead,to not skip school :D so yay.I am picking myself up slowly,and learning lots of stuffs too~

and this morning,I did something unusual.I did my qt on the train. :D and even though I got stares,and felt like closing it,I didn't. :) I just hope that more and more people will accept bible reading,and read their bibles in the trains.To date,I've only encountered about 3 people doing that :)
actually I find those who skip and pressure others pathetic.
but that doesn't mean that you should not teach them otherwise.

I always read on my Bible on my cell phone. it doesn't take space plus I have the whole Bible in NKJV YAY :D :p

it's great encountering ppl reading Bible in buses or in your case a train :)
I had my bible on my cell once and this man next to me. I felt like he was a Christian. he was black and wearing a suit. then he saw my cell and saw the Bible. and he took his bag and took out a church booklet and read in it :) i motivated him yay :) I'm s ohappy. it was great seeing that. he was right next to me and I didn't say a word :( I wish I said God bless you or something but his thing was in french. but I speak french perfectly :p xD
I'm just shy :(
lol brother,did you read my post carefully? ;p
they are pressurizing me to NOT skip lessons ;) different bunch of people :D

and yeash it's a wonderful experience to encounter them cos even though they are strangers,you get the feeling that you're not alone :)
I know sis I read that but I didn't comment on that. I commented on this part lol:
"I skipped once due to peer pressure,but as you said,felt like skipping more and more"
peer pressure.

I should be replying in a way that makes more sense xD


Yeah, well people have asked me to skip as well but I never do. I don't even get tempted, because I want to get good grades, and be really good at everything I do and that's not possible if I don't finish school or do the 100% best I can.

Good luck
it's just cute and funny to say "silly amandaz, trix are for kids" :p or anything with silly (name here), trix are for kids xD

and also it means you can do things in school rather than through skipping :p
JAHAHAHA.okayyy..yeah right now I am into prayer groups.but i ain't really praying with them,just sorta collecting prayer pointers and then running off to do prayers.cos I find praying in grps/in front of others a lil weird.. =/