Sniffer Dogs Offend Muslims

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Crazy. They object to a body scan, a sniffer dog and removing their face covering to confirm passport picture matches. So how do they suggest the security system should operate?


The ones that do not explode are safe? I am not in favor of violating anyone's customs but if you want to use public transport and/or facilities than you need to be willing to face scrutiny like anyone else.
My goodness, people, can they be ever so annoying? It's called SAFETY measures...I guess they're not really interested in the safety of other people eh?
Wow. Give them an inch, and they will take a mile. If that happened here, the authorities would shrug and say "tough." It's just one of those things where you offend a few to potentially save hundreds or maybe thousands.
And of course, the government is going to cater to the Muslims, and be really nice to them. It's beginning to happen in America too.;)

The government will help anyone as long as they are not Christian. Today's government has collapsed into a filthy secular cesspool with an agenda focused on diminishing Christianity, and stopping Faith from ever entering the mind of any single person. We are becoming Old Testament Israel, before Joshua. We have forgotten God, are turning away from Him, and worshiping the Creation instead of the Creator.

God will take everything back, everything that is rightfully His, and He will give his judgment unto those whom his wrath abides on. BE SURE OF IT.

We have to reach out to those who are lost, and save them, bring them to Jesus Christ.

Praying for the Muslims, and the government of the world.