So it Looks Like We're Going to be Turned Down for Habitat for Humanity

Yet another defeat in my life of nothing but defeats. This is very disappointing and very depressing.

We dropped off our application for habitat for humanity today and we were told that we will probably not be accepted because we are $3500 per year under the income requirement. I cannot pick up a second job that puts me out of the home as I am a caregiver to my wife and two children. We already discussed a couple weeks ago me going back to school, but as a family decided that it would keep me out of the home for far too long. I need to be home to help with the kids. I wish that my photography job paid more as it allows me to work around everyone's schedule.

We have to get out of this hell hole of an apartment complex. It's dangerous and only getting worse daily. Drug activity is common each day. People speeding through the complex (I have already almost been hit once) while texting on their phones. Trash all over the grounds as though it's the local trash dump. I put two bonsai trees outside for some sun and rain and someone poured grease all over them, they are both dying now. This apartment is supposed to be handicapped accessible, but it isn't. There are no railings in the shower and the tub has high walls. So my wife is frightened each time she goes to take a shower that she is going to slip and fall. The apartment itself is small. When you add in some furniture, it makes it that much smaller.

We need a better place to live than the one that we are in.

I have been looking at craigslist adds for a rent-to-own home but the four bedroom homes (we are a family of five) are all over our price range by several hundred dollars. The habitat for humanity home would have been what we pay now for a three bedroom or just a little more which we could afford. I am hoping I can find something before we have to resign the lease in November, otherwise we are stuck here for another year unless we want to pay close to $900 to break the lease.
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Father, thank You for intervening in this situation, and for leading and guiding this family to the perfect place that will accomodate all their needs. Thank You for the handicapped accomodations for the wife. And all the growing room and safety in the neighborhood for them all. Thank You also Father for building up naomanos's faith and trust in You. And giving him the peace that passes all of his understanding. Thank you In Jesus Name, Amen