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i have been talking to my wife about sex edjucation in dare they infest my daughters,i feel very strongly about this as you can see.parents explain when the child is good and ready.even if you opt out for your child the rest of the class tell them.i feel cheated by edjucation over this matter.what does the bible say on these matters.
The world is well- worldly and they are trying to conform our children into politically correct and morally corrupt images of their own humanistic personalities- they want to brainwash our kids because if they can accomplish this they will ( in their way of thinking) control the world and it's future. Now we both know who controls the world and the future and it is certainly not the world's system but it falls on us to raise our children to march to the beat of a different drummer- that is why God in His sovierngty gave us His precious Word- it is both handbook for living and a loveletter from Him- have a blessed night- your brother Larry
that its a very good thing that should not be thrown away like garbage.have more respect for it.don,t do what others do,peer pressure.the difference between love and lust.things like that.