Soldiers of God

When the Word of God is spoken, the devil wants to silence it. He will come against the Lord's vessel with everything he's got. He is sent to try our faith; that is his job. Do not be silenced; speak to the unclean spirits, and profess more loudly that the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Soldiers!!! RISE UP!!! in the name of JESUS.
We are the KING's kid; Children of Royalty, clothed in Majesty, by the KING.

Speak, I say SPEAK the WORD unto the unclean spirits; devil I do not fear you, I know for a fact YOU FEAR WHAT LIVES INSIDE OF ME, and the testimony HE has given me to carry; that is why you fight so hard against me, trying to silence me. I push on devil, to reach to mark of my higher calling.

The only place for a devil in the life of the KING's kid is under my (our) feet. Amen

All praise, glory and honor be unto God. Amen