Solomon is the 666th name in the Bible


And then we make the Tenach complete and your entire theory falls apart me thinks.

Did you know the Tenach has books in a different order? And the Tenach is the original, so that order should be more be relied on than the roman catholic order instituted and used in modern day bibles.

I do wonder though what hte 666th name of the Tenach is...
and in year 2666 computers will be in our brains. and in 3666 we will become human computers. and in 4666 we wont really be human anymore.

~shrug~ I dunno, but it looks like a pattern to me....

but many Christians dont think the earth will be here beyond 2500.

Eh, go fig. Who knows.
The book of Revelation was written about the Roman Empire. The Anty christ was the leader of Rome at the time. I don't wish to go into detail at this time because I don't have the evidence to back this up.
Thank goodness I was not born on the 06.06.1966 !!! :rolleyes:

I think if you dig deep enough, you can just about justify anything you want.
my question is, what things happened in year 777, 1777, and what will happen on 7-7-7 ? If bad things happen in dates that have 666 in them, that means alternatively there has to be something good in the years with the sevens, right?
maybe there will be a second virgin birth on July 7, 2007... you know, just to make sure the job's done properly this time. :rolleyes:
well I hope not...if theres a virgin birth on 777 and we all hear about it, that poor kid is going to be taken away and proded and poked with experiment tools until they can figure out where he came from....

no, when Christ comes again, I don't think we'll get to see Him. I think His works must be done in secret if He is too succeed. cuz when He comes back, the majority of the world is going to work for the Devil, including govts, militaries, and businesses.

well I hope He comes back...
As told in prophesy in The Book of Revelation, certain things MUST come to pass before the anti-christ arrives. The Seals, Vials and Trumps in the Book of Revelation are spelled out very well. The anti-christ IS Satan. His spirit is allowed to roam freely on earth, but he himself is held in chains in heaven by Michael, the archangel until he is booted out ( the sixth Trump ). He then returns to earth as the anti-christ claiming to be Christ and will deceive those persons who do not understand the content of Revelation or who have never been taught the contents of Revelation. He will rein for a 5 month period (the season of the locust) and at the Seventh Trump, the TRUE Christ returns...

Please read and understand the Book of Revelation. Some denominations do not even acknowledge the existance of that Book... and it is those persons, who will be deceived because of their ignorance in never being taught the contents.

Ref: 1 John 4:3 (KJV) ( note - qualification of [spirit] )

Ref: 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 (NLT)

Ref: 'The Names of Satan' -