Solving Problems Through Prayer

Solving Problems Through Prayer

Solving Problems Through Prayer
Psalm 55:22
22 Cast your burden on the Lord, and He will support you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.

The toddler climbed to the top step of the plastic slide in the backyard and lifted one leg onto the top platform. It left him straddled, one leg on the top of the slide and the other on the top step. His coordination was still undeveloped enough that he was trapped. He couldn’t move either leg. "Daaaaaddyyyyy!"
The toddler knew exactly what to do next. In his moment of complete helplessness, with fear setting in as he was stranded several feet above the ground, he called for his daddy. Watching nearby, the dad moved in to save the day. What child wouldn’t immediately cry out to the nearest authority? What father wouldn’t act quickly in such a situation?
When hit with a trial or when bad news comes our way, our most effective response is to immediately say, "Father." Not only does this immediately stunt the problem from growing into something that overwhelms us, but it reminds us of our rightful position as children of God.
Our Father says He will never leave us or forsake us. Armed with such a promise, we know that God is under His own divine obligation to provide us guidance and direction.
There will be many times when life will leave us stretched into an awkward position. We should always remember that our Father is watching nearby, ready to act when called.

Now I realize we don't always seem to get our answers but we do. It may not be as quick as you may have wanted nor will it always be the answer you thought you were getting but the anser will come, in our Father's time and in his will.


Amen Pastor Rick. In God's timing not ours.His ways are perfect and He will provide a way of escape.