Some light-hearted Yankee bashing

May 1, 2007
Some light-hearted Yankee bashing

As a crazy Boston Red Sox fan I have been enjoying the falling apart of the Yankees this season.

They were once 14 out and then the Sox when on a little skid and ended up 7 games back. Uh-Oh! The Yankees are mounting a big comeback...

Then they meet the Colorado Rockies and manage to score 5 runs in the entire series with the end result being a sweep.

I am sure the Yanks will make another run and they may even get the wild card, even though the Indians and Tigers look really good right now. But for right now I am going to enjoy this meltdown because I have not seen anything like it.

Anyways. I apologize for my arrogance and I will probably eat my words, but I just can't help myself.