Some Local Testimonies

I received this list of some January testimonies from my friend's church, an encouraging read!

“Working for God” is so much FUN !!!
Going to the hospitals and laying hands on the sick and Healing them is so much FUN and rewarding. Today (Mon – 13th Feb) at hospital a big strong man (approx mid 30’s) [Gerald] was in so much pain (all over his body). He began to tell me what was wrong, when I stopped him and said : “I don’t want to know all the details, but if you have pain – just WATCH how Huge GOD really is !!! ALL your pain will be gone soon.”

So I laid hands on him and Commanded and Ordered his HEALING [in the name of Jesus]. As soon as I finished – he ‘pouted’ his mouth, squeezed his eyes closed and burst into tears covering his face. He then told me – ALL pain was gone – INSTANTLY. When he finally wiped the tears away, he was astonished. His eyes were huge with surprise. I asked him – “What’s wrong” He answered “WOW – I have had this pain for SOOO LONG. Ever since I broke my leg in 1997. And now it’s just GONE.” Praise the Lord – for HIS Great Work !!!

So I was walking along and i saw this guy who had a crutch he was kind of old and I asked what was wrong he indicated that he couldn't walk properly he had no strength in his legs so while he was sitting I prayed for him and i asked him to stand he did and so I asked him to walk and as he hesitated I told him to walk! And he put his left foot forward and with great amazment he looked at me with shock he started walking around without his crutch and i told him to go and he put his crutch underneath his arm and walk away praise God Thanks lord Jesus you are truly the king of kings and lord of lords :)

How's this.......I go to someone's house last night to pray for a sick cat. While I am there I meet another lady who tells me she has an appointment for her deliverence next week? She has a number of health issues, headaches that wake her up at 4am every day. She has paid R200 in advance and has to pay someone another R200 to stand in for her at work when she goes in for her appointment for deliverence. I say to her that is nonsense. So I pray for her and she is totally healed - no more symptoms whatsover. I have instructed her to call this ministry and demand her money back. Jesus said, freely you have received, so freely give!!!Jesus paid for this so that we dont have to.

Last Friday we started the day at the Sir Lowry's Community Clinic. Many healings happen there!
A lady sitting there coudn't afford a new prescription specs and the old ones were just as good as nothing. Christiaan and I prayed for her and she started seeing better and could progressively read smaller and smaller signs afixed to the wall. At last she put her old useless glasses into her purse and walked away. We saw another lady wearing a brace in her wrist because she had arthritis. She was about to take and injection against the pain. We prayed for her and the pain was gone, the joints were free and she put away the braces. As we praised the Lord, a lady who works there at the counter asked us: "What kind of pills are you guys taking?" That's Jesus and you should try that too! We posted last week the testimony of a lady who works at the Clinic and was taking anti depressant pills. We heard from her that her whole life has turned upside right, her small business got sorted out (the tax office coudn't find records of her business in the database and they showed up by miracle), her family found peace and she was really happy among other things that happened. The Holy Ghost doesn't want just to heal the bodies, but to change people's lives from the inside out! We just need to command it, it's God's will. God wants to live among people through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Praise God!

Last night Edwin & I had the priviledge of ministering at a local church about being a Believer & Gods presence was there & Edwin kicked off with a word of knowledge about someone specifically having problems with her left ear & this lady came out of the group and was healed there & then & afterwards she testified of other symtoms she had which were healed at the same time that she had not even mentioned & then the floor was open & we prayed for almost the entire group of about 28 people & 95% who we prayed for were confirmed healed there & then. God loves us & wants to set you free. Amen!

Roy and I just came back from Hottentots Holland Hospital here in Somerset West. We prayed for about 30 people today and we saw many people feeling better and relieved from pain. In one ward we found a young man whose tattoos indicated he had a rough past. He had been watching us pray for another man. We came to him and he said he was feeling a lot of pain; without further questions we prayed for him and commanded the pain, sickness and disease to leave immediately. After that he looked perplexed, to the point we wondered what was going on. He said that the pain was gone and there was some pain in his mouth and teeth, so we prayed again and that pain was also gone. Then he started crying and we just assured him of God's love and care for him. We knew that despite any rough patch he's been through it didn't matter to God, and we told him that. He was very moved and said he wanted to do the same thing we were doing. It's amazing how the Holy Spirit can heal not only the body, the mind and soul, but also anything in peoples lives that hurt them. Jesus indeed came to destroy the works of the devil and that means anything and everything! Glory to God

In October of 2011 a young boy, Jesse from George dropped a glass and a splinter of glass (will u believe?) jumped from the floor and into his eye. After an emergency opp the parents were told he will lose sight in his eye. We all prayed and later were told that there is hope but never a full recovery. More prayer!!! A mont ago good news came when the parents were told Jesse will have 80% of his sight back. Everytime the drs spoke negative words over the boy, the parents wanted to take him outside, but the Drs insisted he stays so he can know what awaits him. The parents always afterwards prayed with Jesse, cutting off the negative words in Jesus name. Today I had a call, telling me that the latest news from the Dr is that Jesse will only wear reading glasses for 2 years. He even used the word "miraculous recovery". We praise God today and place this message so u guys must NEVER give up. Healing is a process.

On 17th jan I had ultra sound of shoulder - revealed masses of calcification and abscess. We prayed. Made app to see dr Osman (shoulder specialist) on 01 feb. He sent me for xrays this morning and called me in. Somehow, he cannot explain it - but there is a perfect shoulder in the xray. No calcification whatsoever - NOTHING. God is good and so faithful. He is our healer. YAHOO.

This morning my maid comes in with a sore ankle. The moment she walked in the pain started to leave. Pain and sickness is not allowed in my house.

Fetched my daughter from school and saw that her friend’s arm was in a sling. It wasn’t broken but hurt. She said that her dad was going to take her to the doctor but I told her that Jesus healed that arm already and prayed for her. Her arm improved immediately. Next day her arm was out the sling but her father took her to the doctor regardless who, needless to say, couldn’t find anything wrong.

Great Day today!
Went to visit the daughter of a man in the old age home, that I have been ministering to.
As I walked in the husband of the lady instantly recognized me!I had given him a lift to town a week before and prayed for his chronic backpain.I never thought I would see him again.He was very excited and told me straightway that his back had been healed and he has been able to return to work.

His wife then got healed of a 6 month long spider bite pain in her leg, after I asked him to pray for her!He then started crying , and just opened up about how he was touched by God's love for him, and asked for prayer for a drinking problem that he has.He was crying throughout and so gratefull.Without me ever forcing him to confess or correcting him for his sins, he just repented of all these things and turned his heart to the Lord and accepted Jesus.

Rom 2:4 Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?

Hopital. Man with mysterious blood loss cured and delighted to hear who he really is in Christ. A muslim family being overwhelmed by the unconditinal love, a woman with a baby with lung infection. She could leave after we prayed. Lungcancer kicked out, breathing improved, sleeplessness cured and every time sharing with excitement the really Good News: that His love is radical. What a wonderful lifestyle this is. Seeing kids in a vision how they just lay on hands casualy and great miracles happen, then they continue to the movies. That is what's coming, a lifestyle of the supernatural for all ages.

In Melkhoutfontein again today. Had the great privilige of taking my dad with me today, he was taking pictures and recording everything he could. After some bible study at the old age home, and checking up on some friends we headed up to a new street and my dad met some familiar people there that helped to show us around to any that needed prayer and love ministered to them.It was an awesome day for Jesus! We had whole families getting healed at a time, house per house.God's abundant Grace in action!!Stomach pains, several back conditions,damaged knees and legs, rheumatoid arthiritis, even one mans blind eye recieved partial sight! Lady got healed of intestinal pain, that doctors say is being caused by some growth.Also prayed for removal of fear, as she was quite scared by the doctors report.

One of the biggest needs here seems to be for a gospel without condemnation and fear of failure.Talking to people alot about their value in Christ.God's heart for them is so big!

Where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty! 2 Cor 3:17

So Exciting!! Last night we invited our neighbours for dinner. (We dont really know them but anyway) We found out the wife is a christian & the husband is border atheist sceptic about christianity & questions everything. Well God just moved in on the situation and I said to the neighbour I am not going to convince you about Jesus I am going to demonstrate Him to you - I asked if he dreamt a lot & he said he has recurring dreams - So I interpretted them for him (he was blown away) I then had a word of knowledge about his past & prophesied into his future. Then the final demonstration was he had hurt 2 fingers before christmas & could not bend them & he even said it felt like he had crushed his knuckle bones & it was just not getting better & he could not bend them. Well both fingers were instantly healed. He was completely speechless apart from a few worldly words :) - I said so you can reason with yourself till you die but you cannot deny there is a God who loves you after he has shown Himself to you tonight. (He had tears in his eyes during the word of knowledge) Well this gentleman now realises that God wants to be apart of his life & now he is open to that. Amen!!