Some things to be praised about!

Some things to be praised about!

I'm not able to come on the forum as much b/c I am really beginning to know what it's like to be a busy-bee!!!

All thru high school I would try and get a job, put in some apps.
Well, God finally provided for me a job, at the start of my first summer vacation (not sure if that will be one of my only ones though) at the end of my first year in college.

I still do work at the fast food restaurant, but I'm only working 2 hours for each day that they give me to work. At first it used to be 3-4 hours but they dont even give that out to me anymore. This week, such as today, I at least worked 2 1/2 hours instead of just the 2 hours.

As we discussed in our youth group just last week, the bible says that if a man doesn't work than a man shouldn't eat. I gave out the reason that I HAVE tried and tried and tried to get a job during school and put in bunches of apps, but I never got one til the one I have now.

So, with the 2 hours that they'll only give me (also considering the fact that they haven't and wont really train me on anything else, and I have asked for it, they've only taught me the sandwhiches twice. but since my brain is VERY slow at learning AND REMEMBERing things, they only have me do so little.) I mean sure I now know how to do the fry station which contains of fries, nuggets, and boneless wings, but when it gets very busy, I can't keep up and i now know the dining area, some of the frosties, but i can still get confused, and drinks are confusing only cuz the sizes and i cant really tell it apart yet..

So, again, with just the 2 hours I'm getting - mom keeps telling me that that's not gonna cut it! It's not enough.

Soooo, I know a girl from my church, she's much older than me, but her sister is I think going to hook me up with another job.

Also, before I go on, different people keep talking to me about their own opinions on what I should do... The ones helping me with school say I shouldn't work at all and I should keep all my time to studying. Other people say that I should be working as much as possible!! So I'm like okay God, which is it here?!?!?

Back to what I was saying:
I'm still working at my first job, and I really do like it there. It's clean, nice and tidy, and the food's a plus! I love it's food. That girl I was talking about first hooked me up with this person that wants me to babysit her kids every so often so her and her husband can go for a date-night. She pays reasonalbely, too. But she only needs me like once to twice a month or so.
That same girl said her sister is looking for someone to fill in some evenings at a store.

So basically God is just being soo good to me.

Although last night I had trouble sleeping because I was thinking when school starts I'm going to have school, church, 2-3 jobs to be working around with here... and how I'm going to schedule everything!

But... God's good and he helped me realize that today!

(I haven't exactly gotten the other job yet, but she's wanting to pre-interview me) I'm just so excited! LOL. It's what mom's wanting, what I need, and I'll possibly be able to save up for a new and GOOD WORKING CONDITION car, hahaaa..

I Love Him; And He's Sooo In Love With Me!

Michael Collum

You know, when i saw your username in the register . i was thinking hey it's good to see you again . and this was really encouraging to read . thanks for sharing that . one thing that comes to me from the rhythms in your typing . to remember to rest . God worked like a workaholic six days in a row making this world . but slept one whole day at the end of it . He didn;t do it cause he had to, but did it as an example so we would remember to rest . right now . you might not feel the need to . and i remember the sheer adrenaline rush you're probably experiencing . but what you do now trains your mind and body what to do for the rest of your life . remember in giving it your all to pace yourself for a longer journey . just some thoughts if you find them helpful . and thanks again for sharing .


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Good 2 know your trying 2 get your just rewards.2 many people try 2 get up the jacobs ladder,by 2 many other ways.but when jacob is saved and the others are stranded.the ladder comes down.
The work verses could mean many things...
I think that doing good work for God could be classed as work, when you look at people like Paul in the bible.
Anyway its good you got a Job if thats what you need and feel you need..

Let me be one of them people with input for a min...
Do what ever you feel comfortable with, so long as its positive and will bring you to a better place, its good...
Education is important, I regret not finishing mine, but if you feel you can handle that and a job do it...
You know yourself better than anyone else does (Except God, He knows you best).

Burning yourself out wont accomplish anything, rest is needed..
Its pretty easy to burn out, but hard to recover from burn outs, trust me lol.