Something happens in Indonesia...

Something happens in Indonesia...

Jatim Expo, Surabaya Indonesia, 23 November 2007, amazing and miraculous… those might be the right words to describe how God’s miraculous work has been manifested through his servant, Ps. Decky Pendowo in Healing Crusade at Jatim Expo Surabaya on 23 November 2007.

By 4 pm, the building of Jatim Expo has already been almost fully occupied by people coming from both Surabaya and out of town using either bus or their personal transportation. As journalist from GLORIA entered the building, the presence of Holy Spirit was strongly felt surrounding every corner of the building. The prayer team prayed earnestly in the prayer tower and the ushers welcomed the people who kept coming. There were approximately ten thousands people attending the crusade of which 500 are sick Some of the sick were coming with their wheel chair, some were having cancer, and some were even still lying on the hospital bed with infusion still attached. The crusade was opened by an opening speech of Zandy Mulyono, the event coordinator which then be followed by praise and worship led by Alvin AFI 3 and Dhemy Larasati and dance performed by “D’SOS” from the Elijah Indonesia mostly consisting of youth who commit themselves to God.

Just believe
Since the very beginning, the ushers and the audience passionately and joyfully lifted up their praises and worships to Jesus which makes the presence of God was strongly felt. Many sick people were healed by the movement of of Holy Spirit and they were deeply touched. At 7.30 PM, Ps. Decky Wibowo showed up and asked “who wants to receive a miracle?” He later said “In just a moment, Jesus will demonstrate His power and miracle to those who believe” He further explained how someone can receive miracle in his or her life. “Just believe”! to Jesus like naïve children without questions and confrontation as it is written “for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these (little children)”. The same thing applies in the story of wedding which took place in Kana. The miracle happened, not when the water was poured into the water jar, but when the water was on the way to the master banquet. So the formula of miracle is “believe it and do it”.

Miracle happens
After the word of God has been preached, Ps Decky Wibowo started to pray for the sick. Unlike in any other healing crusades where the speaker prays for the people from the stage, Ps. Decky Pendowo went down from the stage and prayed for them one by one. Wow … miracle instantly happened. When Ps. Decky Pendowo walked away through the sick, a woman, still with her infusion, suddenly stood at her own feet and took off her infusion and finally shouted “I am healed….I am healed.” while looking for her daughter. There was also someone who looked to be possessed and pointed his finger at Ps. Decky so that the ushers were trying to stop him. However Ps. Decky forbade the ushers from stopping that man and later prayed and touched his forehead so that the man suddenly sat down unconsciously. A moment later that man stood up and declared that she was healed.

There was also a woman still laying down at her own mattress who must be placed in the medical room and supervised by 3-4 medical doctors. The doctors even diagnosed that this woman cannot be possibly cured because of her very low blood pressure. However, when she was brought to the side of the stage and later prayed by Ps. Decky Pendowo, this woman suddenly stood up and joyfully danced while embracing one of her relatives. God’s miracle was demonstrated once again to a woman who had mental problem. Before she was prayed, she could not recognize her family, but after being prayed, this woman was instantly healed and could recognize her child who accompanied her to come to this crusade. A paralyzed man laying down at his own mattress next to the stage was also healed when Pd. Decky walked pass through him. He suddenly rose from his mattress and chased Ps. Decky to be prayed. After being prayed, he was deeply touched and sobbing while carrying his own matress.

There were still many other glorious healings and miracles that happened that night. Ps. Decky Pendowo prayed for almost all of them and according to the event coordinator, approximately 260 people were healed. There even some healings happened after the crusade in which many calls are received by the secretariat of Elijah Indonesia informing their healings and asking if they can meet again with Ps. Decky Pendowo. It is Jesus Christ who has gloriously shown His power through his servant, Ps. Decky Pendowo.

Gloria Newspaper edition 380, Sunday first December 2007.
Praise be to the Lord. For he gave us the Holy Spirit to enable us to speak to a mountain and command it to be moved.