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Yes you have arrived and we are that forum and we boast about it as well . We like to think of ourselves as the best Christian forum on the net with very supportive members.

God Bless .
Welcome HappyPal!

Welcome HappyPal! I think you will find this site very friendly, encouraging & informative! Glad to have you aboard! May God bless your time here with us!
Hey Happy,

Just want to welcome you to our forums...Hope you enjoy your stay here...Believe me you didn't come here by accident...:)

God Bless
Welcome Happy! Welcome!

And, YES, you found the right one.

The people here are loving, kind and encouraging.

So glad you are here.

:dance::cross: :cross: :dance:


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I'm looking for a forum that is very christian and supportive to each other, am I there?:israel:
hey where you been Happypal!? I been waitin for ya to show up, bout time. So yup dis B da place since there is no other place around da place this is the right place . Welcome to CFS!:D i'm so glad you showed up I threw an extra chili on the grill for ya

Hope ya like it Hot for Jesus cuz we do:cool: Stick around and enjoy the fellowship and the friendly atmosphere:guitar::smile_anim: All my bros n sis' call me Chili so can you:israel:

Chili out.