Southwestern-style Sweet Corn Salad

Southwestern-style Sweet Corn Salad

I made this one up in the kitchen. Really tasty. ;) It is a very pretty and colorful piece, and if you like shrimp you can add it to it, but it is also vegetarian friendly:

You will need

1 white corn cob with husks (you will use them later on)
1 red bell pepper
1 green bell pepper
1 half red onion
A few leaves of cilantro
Black Pepper
Olive Oil
One lime

1. Peel husks from corn, set aside. Cut corn from cob.
2. Cut bell pepper in large slices. Do not dice! Best to cut from its side into round slices, then chop into large chunks.
3. Get a saucepan, drizzle with olive oil. Put on about medium to medium high.
4. Add corn and red bell peppers. Let cook for few minutes to allow juices to flow and to flavor the corn. Add one slice of butter to the pan as needed for richness.
5. Cut green bell pepper in similar style to red. If you have a large green pepper, use half. You do not need the whole thing.
6. Chop red onions in large slices as well. If you like, allow the onion to 'fall' away itself from the skin. It will naturally do this when you are cutting it.
7. Take a few leaves of cilantro (about four), without stems.
8. Add other ingredients to pan. Now sprinkle paprika, salt & pepper, and cayenne over the salad. Squeeze generous amount of lime juice over the salad. Spice amount should be enough to fit in the heart of your palm (the center). Add the same amount of each seasoning to the salad. Do not overdose on the salt/pepper. That is to balance out the peppers and onions.
9. Cook for about ten to fifteen minutes or when the corn turns a nice golden, caramel brown. Once done, take off stove.
10. Get corn husks. Roll them out onto a plate. Take salad and put inside each corn husk. If you wish to prevent corn husks from being dry, you might want to keep them in a moist paper towel until your done.
11. For a little extra flair, cut up more limes and place them around the salad for extras.

Best when served warm.

By me! ;)