Special Inspiration for Week of May 13 to 19, 2018

Pastor Gary

Senior Moderator and Staff Trainer
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Senior Moderator
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Oct 29, 2006
Several US locations - seasonally
Good Day, Friends; On May 13, this year, the celebration of Mother’s Day takes place in more than 70 countries worldwide. As we honor Mom’s around the globe, let us remember their hard work, their love, their caring and their family dedication to us all, because without them, we would not be here. If you are a Mom, God's blessings are with you for what you do for your family and especially for your children. If your Mom is with you, cherish the moments that you have together. If your Mom has passed on, honor her in your memories. We thank our Heavenly Father for giving us all the very best loving and caring Mom on earth.
Feb 7, 2017
san diego, ca
Happy Mother's Day to everyone and God bless you all especially to all those hard working mother's out there! Grateful for everything you've done! I know I am very grateful for my mother who works like crazy to put food on the table and I can never thank her enough! God bless her soul!
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