spiritual battle

spiritual battle

you have to want Jesus to help you.then you will learn why society is like it is.people can be really good people but they need to know what is happening and why.:eek:


Isa 59:19 So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.

Mike if we but preach His Word, if we but share His love no enemy can stand against us as God Himself fights our battles. When people transgress against me I am quick to forgive and fast to pray for them for my heavenly Father is very protective of me.
We speak the truth in love- without the love it is no longer His truth- as we do this seed is sown. We are not necessarily responsible for the results. We move when and where His Spirit leads, lives will be changed and He will get all the glory.
i see children taught for 14+ years,where i live i was never taught the bible.i never knew about a spiritual war.i never knew my life depended on my actions.the question is why.?
i must have been a day dreamer at school.i thought this place was going to be Good.then after years of corruption i faultered.then i realised why this place is so bad.
Ultimate, eternal reality is the spiritual world. The spiritual world consists of a here-to-fore, a war within which every human is a soldier. The problem is that most humans have no idea that the spiritual world exists and of those who acknowledge its existence, few recognize the war.

As Bob Dylan sang, you're going to have to serve somebody. It may be the devil, or it may be the Lord, but you're going to have to serve somebody.

There is a constant battle and our minds are the battlefield. Satan puts ideas into our minds to battle the Holy Spirit and other Christians. We either listen and follow through with these ideas or we submit to the Holy Spirit and battle against the enemy. That's why Paul said, "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places." (Ephesians 6:12)
I can only assume it is because they either have no spiritual mentors or their spiritual mentors are not aware. My children are very aware of the spiritual world and the battle field of the mind. When she was 8, one of my daughters could see spiritual beings in battle with her physical eyes. I was pastoring a church at the time and was under a constant spiritual attack. She would warn my wife and I when the "dragons" were around. She saw demons as dragons and angels as lions. I could tell stories, but that's a different thread. :)
I think children are not told of spiritual warfare b/c when they are young. it just seems traditional to teach them loving stories about God. all the Basic "famous'' stories in the Bible.. as they get older, then it seems like teachers start adding parts about Gods wrath and spiritual warfare..

i do not agree with this.. but it seems to be how almost everyone teaches it..
draw in the young with love.. then when they are "old enough" fill them in on the rest b/c they can handle it then.

as i said. i do not agree with this. but it seems that way. and likewise in life..
you do not teach your children about war when they are 3 and 4. b/c you want them to be in a loving invironment. you dont feel they are ready to know certain things. then when they get older you start to reveal things to them that you feel they are ready to know.

and at the same time as i believe that we should tell younger children about spiritual warfare.. how young is too young??? i mean.. at what age do you really think a child can handle the concept of spiritual warefare... at an age when they are still strugling with the aspecs of Love??

Just a question you know..:eek:
dermasse is very accurate. That is a major problem.

But, the reason for this is, as several Ministers have told me at Ministerial meetings, many are getting wiped out, really tired, of trying to help people concieve of this spiritual warfare that continually goes on.

Alot of people are like "Doubting Thomas", who, without something tangible, is very hard for them to believe in.

There are all kinds of supernatural- (spiritual) evidence occurring around the world to prove the spirit realm and creatures do exist. But, most people have grown up adopting secular world beliefs about them, so, Biblical Teachings become secondary, thus less believable, but really more unacceptable.

I've known alot of people who believe in God and Christ, but not Satan or demons. They believe in Angels of God, but not fallen sinful Angels.

Thus, in many a Church or even religion- (Christian), you'll find some do not teach or preach a belief in Angels or Angelic beings or Satan and his demons. Why?

Because, Seminaries for training Leaders to preach in Churches are more now oriented to trying to please people, more than God. To bring in more members, to grow the church, for more money.

Many a religion have converted to liberal thinking and operating so as to avoid being biased against any type of person.

Some newer bibles in the last 10 years, now have written in them refering to God as a "He/She", Christ as a He/She, the Holy Spirit the same, in order not to offend anyone. And backing off of the spiritual realm speaking from God's Word avoids offending those who do not believe in spirit beings, but only God- (if the same God as ours).

As for Sharing God's Word, to the Gospel, both are equally important. Theres no sense in getting saved and reborn, if not taught how to live in and for God, if you end up walking away from God without it and lose your Salvation. Heb. 6:4-6.

Historical accounts prove, these Hebrew Jews were born and raised first, sacrificing animals. After christ came and Ministered, they turned and follwed him, until shortly after He left the earth. They then reverted back to animal sacrificing. That was intentionally putting Christ to an open shame. The same as a believer, who will not read thier bible, but instead, goes back to living as they had of the world before, not trying to live for God.

Thats why, after Pentecost, when the apostles went out to spread the Gospel, some did that, where others were chosen to come after and mionister to new converts to help them grow in God and learn more how to do so on thier own.

Then they helped gather them together in homes, then finally in buildings for the gathering of the Saints, etc. Thats the way all churches need to operate, but also holding strictly to God taking the stand God requires.

God Bless!!


Like Moses coming down form the mountain we are to carry the glow of God's presence. This very presence of the Living God will change everything it touches.
There is definitely a spiritual battle going on for souls and I believe I am experiencing it. I often find that Satan tries to lure me with Alcohol and drugs and I always find the Lord God trying to lure me away. It just seems I cannot get away from it sometimes. Except tonight, Jesus is with me and I can feel it :)
There is definitely a spiritual battle going on for souls and I believe I am experiencing it. I often find that Satan tries to lure me with Alcohol and drugs and I always find the Lord God trying to lure me away. It just seems I cannot get away from it sometimes. Except tonight, Jesus is with me and I can feel it :)
Just some words of advice from personal trials and experiences.

When you feel that temptation. when you feel the devil luring you toward alcohol and drugs.. PRAY! some times i have to go farther than praying. when i dont feel like the prayer is enough.. i bring out my Bible and study.. pretty hard to drink or do drugs if you studying the Word of God.

and a second thought about prayer. we are in a spiritual war. in a real war we prepare for battles to come. even for the unexpected ones. you should do this in your spiritual war too. just dont pray right when you need it.. build up a "prayer bank" as i like to call it. like Daniel in the lions den.. he didnt wait to get thrown in to pray. he was consistantly praying everyday. he had put alot of prayer into his "prayer bank". and when he got in a tight spot.. he had plenty to withdraw.

and im not saying tht praying right then and there will not help. b/c it will. i just cant help but feel that if you have constantly pray for help fighting the temptation instead of just when your having it. then you will come out better in the end.

Prayer is our preparation for the Spiritual Battles in life... Always be prepared.
God said humans thoughts were continually bad,so look at the worlds jobs and break them down.for example,lawyers,getting people set free by stretching there own laws.stock markets,people who think all the time how to exploit people for money.retail,commercials with messages that tempt you into getting such product.
Hey Boanerges-

Well, your right for the most part how God's power witnessed thru us can change things, but not everything. Remember, there wasSodom and Gomorah, with the witness of Lot there, then also with Capernaum, they also rejected the Light of God. So, it won't always change everything.

Yes Smellycat-

Its gettin there with more all the time.

God Bless!!


Perhaps I should say it this way- It will impact everything it touches but ultimately change is up to the individual. Some will be drawn and some will be repulsed but all will be affected. If you carry the anointing into a room you may sometimes get demonic manifestations from some but all are affected.
Lot did not carry the Holy Spirit like we may.
Those in Capernaum were brought to a place of decision- Christ taught many days and did many wonders amongst them. This was the hub of His teaching ministry and it is here that He became the rejected Cornerstone. To say that the anointing of God turn this town upside down would be a understatement.
Some of this may be in how you are looking at it I guess.

As far as warfare-
Satan is in the business of wearing out the Saints of God:
Dan 7:25a And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High,