Spiritual Gifts

May 4, 2017
Alberta, Canada
There are many wonderful guide books out there that help you identify and understand your spiritual gifts. Often the gifts we think we have are nowhere near to our true gifts, so doing the exercises in the books are always a pleasant surprise. If your church has a little loaning library, there are likely these books on the shelves. You can also ask your clergy about the book, or if there are going to be any upcoming spiritual gift courses coming up. I went to a one day course and answered a gzillion questions and found out what my gifts were. Trying to figure it out by yourself is very difficult and because it is so hard to be objective without guidance, it can be nearly impossible to find out what your gifts are without some kind of guidance. Once you do find out, then you have the task of figuring out how your gifts will best serve the body of Christ. All I can say is buckle your seat belts and b prepared for some wonderful surprises.

Fish Catcher Jim

Feb 7, 2015
One must be cautious at the same time. Far too many Believers want a particular gift so they tend to see everything pointing to that one gift and often times they are on their own.

Many claim to have certain gifts and it puffs up their head and far too many times what they insist is correct does not line up with the word.

The best way that I know of is simply striving to be more like Christ and learning to Love as God Loves. Seek God and His Ways and you will begin to see things more clearly and able to develop any gifts.

Sep 22, 2016
yeh I just did an online test and all I found myself doing was projecting into a future a glorified panda!
I could do this, I could do that, but am I doing it now.... nope haha
Have I done it in the past, erm nope
I've only been to church once and sat there like a chicken

So yeh your right In seeking God and His Ways and be like Christ

tar guys,


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Via dolarossa, 19 minutes ago
im not sure exactly which ones I'm blessed with.....
How best can I know?
I know I'm scared of one of them lol haha

Via dolarossa, 14 minutes ago
I should pray to know ? but don't trust myself to know if you get what I'm saying...
I would love to have a few of them, and not others, but who am I to determine
Plus I might come up with wishful thinking ha

Hello Via Dolarossa;

All believers of Christ as a self check should always ask the Lord to speak and reveal to us regarding our Spiritual gifts, talents and abilities. I learned to play the guitar and sang when I was 11 years old. I first served in the church by playing the guitar and helping my pastor form our first ever praise team. This was not my spiritual gift but a talent or ability.

My Spiritual gift is Helps according to scripture in 1 Corinthians 12:4-6, 4 Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; the same God who empowers them all in everyone.

As a young Christian I wasn't sure exactly, what or how was God going to use me. I was nervous to share this with others because I just wasn't sure. So I went behind closed doors in my room and asked God directly, in my own words.
Then I noticed in my daily life I was blessed by helping customers, co workers and my managers resolve issues. I worked in the accounting field and was actually able to provide solutions more in customer service than counting numbers.

When I first went into ministry many of my church family and pastors noticed my "customer service" in helping people (ALL THE GLORY TO GOD!) - visitations, driving others at all hours to the hospital, visitations, helping my pastor during funerals, stopping without hesitation on the freeway during a storm at 730pm, to pick up a family who's car broke down, their child was very sick and taking them to emergency at the hospital (ALL THE GLORY TO GOD!) This rolled over through the years. At the end of the day, I do a self check on the gift God has given me. The self check is that I love what I do (ALL THE GLORY TO GOD!)

I'm going to ask you to prayerfully read the posts / testimonies of our church family on your thread, that will help you and pray that the Lord will reveal your gifts, talents and abilities.

I was given a study to follow years ago by a mentor pastor, and want pass this on and help by encouraging you to start reading, prayerfully, these 4 books in the Bible. Please read each book in its entirety;

Romans chapter 12, and in particular, verses 6-8 that identifies 7 gifts.

Then in 1 Corinthians 12, in verses 4-11 which also identifies the Spiritual gifts and how they're used.

Then in Ephesians 4 the gifts of primary ministries in verses 11-15 and the disciple maturity expected in use of these gifts.

Then in 1 Peter 4, in verses 7-11 the stewards (responding to our calling) and self-control (disciple maturity) of the gifts.

There is so much more, Via Dolarossa, that others at CFS will share and help you.

God bless you, Via Dolarossa and thank you for starting this thread, a topic we all face from time to time with God.
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May 4, 2017
Alberta, Canada
Agreeing with Jim. Before I knew what my spiritual gifts were, there were the gifts that I wished I had - really wanted to have. I was certain that the course I took would show that these were indeed my gifts. Boy, was I ever in for a big surprise. The gifts I had were nothing like what I had imagined for myself. Once the surprise wore off, however, I slowly learned how I could apply what I had to the better of the entire body of Christ, which was the second lesson I had to figure out - these gifts are not for me, they are for the body. But yes, as Jim pointed out, there is a danger of wishful thinking making us believe we have gifts that we do not possess, and in the meantime, our true gifts are being wasted by not being used as they were meant to.
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